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Groupize signs 17 new travel management companies in dirst quarter 2017

Groupize Meetings exceeds expectations with demand and adoption for its simple meeting technology that helps TMCs offer a hybrid self-service and agency supported model.

BOSTON, MA – Groupize, the award-winning provider of innovative simple meeting solutions started 2017 with an influx of demand from Travel Management Companies (TMCs) for their new registration module that was incorporated into their end-to-end simple meetings platform.  Groupize is continuing to build momentum with the recently launched integration with Concur and expects to announce 10-15 additional TMC partnerships in Q2.

The growing demand for Groupize Meetings supports the fact that TMCs see the platform as a new business opportunity that until now was out of reach due to existing cost prohibitive, over-engineered systems that require in-house experts to support.  Agencies can leverage the solution as users or resellers, and position it as an extension of their Concur offering and an augmentation to their Strategic Meeting Management programs (SMMP). TMCs value the ease of use and the ease of adoption of the product. With Groupize Meetings, TMC’s can effortlessly provide their clients with the option of a hybrid self-service and full-service model to help their corporations minimize risk, ensure compliance, the duty of care for attendees, as well as ultimately save 15%-20% on simple meetings, a large area of decentralized spend.  

Groupize Meetings is a true game-changer in managed travel as it finally bridges the gap between a corporation’s transient business travel program and their large meeting program.  Groupize Meetings addresses the challenges of taking control of their simple meetings, which typically makes up 60%-80% of a corporation’s meetings. A sampling of Groupize’s TMC clients include strong representation from both the BCD and Travel Leaders Affiliate Agencies as well as Concur resellers. The impressive list includes Williamsburg Travel Leaders, Corporate Travel Planners, CBT, SR Travel Service, Traveltime Travel Agency, Safe Harbour, Partners Travel, Casto Travel, Business Travel & Tours, Gant Travel and Travel Leaders Virginia Beach.  

According to Chief Executive Officer Charles de Gaspe Beaubien, Groupize’s positive results prove that Groupize Meetings is solving a real problem and filling a major need in the industry. “Simple meetings represents the largest category of unmanaged spend in most corporations, and our TMC partners now have solutions to support that demand from their customers,” said de Gaspe Beaubien. “To solve simple meetings, we had to develop a lot of technology and integrations over the years, but ultimately, we had to build an easy to use end-to-end solution designed specifically for occasional planners.  Our team and our partner agencies are thrilled with the rate at which Groupize Meetings is being adopted and the repeat usage within corporations, with little support required by them and us.  Mission accomplished!”

The end-to-end Groupize Meetings technology is designed for occasional planners and travel managers and encompasses company meeting portals, a multi-room booking engine, strategic sourcing for meetings, group air management, room blocks and attendee management, registration, centralized approval, data, and reporting with integrations to the GDS and Concur.

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