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ITA Group launches Optim: Incentive travel solutions

New blueprint for achieving business goals with incentive travel.

WEST DES MOINES, IOWA – ITA Group, a worldwide leader in engagement solutions, unveiled Optim: Incentive Travel Solutions. By focusing on more than just the destination, Optim helps companies create a blueprint for incentive travel success, while influencing employee and channel partner behavior and setting the stage for sustained growth.

"The market is evolving. Salesforces and the way people are motivated is changing. Companies need to take a hard look at what they are doing and determine if their investment is helping them achieve their goals. Optim propels organizations beyond the status quo and delivers quantifiable advantages for companies, partners and employees," says Jill Anonson, Events Solution Manager for ITA Group.

Anonson adds, "By taking a more intelligent, strategic approach to creating a significant lift in engagement through incentive travel, Optim enables companies to inspire sales growth, employee loyalty, better relationships and more."

Align and Motivate People
A best-in-class Optim solution first begins with careful assessment, measurement and comprehension of a company's current and desired states in order to gain in-depth understanding of business issues and objectives. This information is then utilized to design an incentive travel program that motivates employees in the ways most significant to the company's growth.

Through Optim's streamlined online platform and engaging communications capabilities, participants gain insight into their program activities and stay engaged through leaderboards, badges, emails, videos, brochures and more. Program stakeholders can also monitor individual participant performance along with the effectiveness of the program as a whole.

Create an Authentic Experience
With Optim, incentive travel isn't only a trip. It's an authentic, personalized adventure offering a deep, meaningful connection to the destination. According to Sarah Haines, Vice President, Event Management for ITA Group, the solution strategically achieves goals by catering to different generational needs and preferences.

"With the company's unique business objectives and audience demographic mix in mind, we design seamless, once-in-a-lifetime experiences that resonate," says Haines. "And, with a plan designed to keep all participants engaged, the travel experience reverberates long after the trip is over."

Backed by 50+ years of incentive travel experience and leveraging partnerships around the world, the solution offers once-in-a-lifetime authentic experiences, flawless logistics and essential risk management services to provide an irreplicable, seamless experience for participants and stakeholders alike.

Achieve Significant Results
With a strategic approach to program measurement that investigates both qualitative and quantitative metrics throughout the program earning period as well as the travel experience, Optim takes a comprehensive look at the power of the entire incentive travel program, with a focus on its life cycle.

This is achieved through key performance metrics:

  • Management metrics, including negotiated cost savings, delivery and timeliness
  • Engagement metrics, including communications response and trip experience
  • Behavior metrics, including sales, sharing and education
  • Impact metrics, including revenues, profits, market share and brand awareness
  • Value metrics, including ROI and VOI

This information is then turned into pragmatic, actionable recommendations for future programs, giving companies critical knowledge that can be readily acted upon to realize significant growth, year after year.

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