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Jabal Al Akhdar to welcome tourists as a safe summer tourism destination amid COVID-19 pandemic

During the summer season, Jabal Al Akhdar attracts great attention as a unique destination in Oman with captivating scenes of nature that make it one of the most beautiful places to visit in the Sultanate.

One of Oman’s famous mountain ranges, Jabal Al Akhdar, located along the Southwest area of Muscat in Nizwa in the Ad Dakhiliyah Governorate, has begun welcoming visitors across Oman who are searching for a haven to escape the summer heat. The area is ideally positioned as a must visit destination for a special summer experience, and is made more secure with the implementation of precautionary measures to ensure the highest levels of safety for visitors, locals, and workers in the hospitality and tourism sector.

During the summer season, Jabal Al Akhdar attracts great attention as a unique destination in Oman with captivating scenes of nature that make it one of the most beautiful places to visit in the Sultanate. The high mountain ranges, with heights higher than 2,500 meters, embrace a nature reserve considered to be one of Oman’s hidden treasures that comes very close to the heart of nature lovers. The nature reserve has various terrain–from deep valleys, rocky cliffs and springs, to caves and forests rich in Alalan trees, which are evergreen aromatic trees and wild olives. Visitors can have a unique experience in observing the diverse wildlife in the reserve, which is home to rare animals such as the Arabian ibex, the Arabian wolf, and the mountain fox, along with dozens of species of birds including the Egyptian eagle, golden eagle, wood pigeon among others.

The area is also known for its mild climate during summertime and cold climate in winter, which is attributed to its high position above the sea surface. Jabal Al Akhdar has distinguished itself as a highly preferred destination not only for the summer season but for the rest of the year as well. Under the directives of the Ministry of Tourism to comply with the set preventive measures to curb COVID-19, Jabal Al Akhdar continues to stand out as an ideal option for those looking for a safe destination full of adventure but combined with the promise of excitement and relaxation–giving the best experience to family and friends visiting the area. Agriculture is one of the activities practiced by the people of Jabal Al Akhdar, which is widely known for an integrated network of paths and waterways that irrigate the great diversity of agricultural crops, including olive trees, pears, oranges, pomegranates, and many other fruit trees. Other traditional professions being practiced in the area include distillation of rosewater, textile, among others–all of which contribute to attracting tourists.

Asma Al Hajry, Deputy Director General of Tourism Promotions, Oman Ministry of Tourism, pointed out that Jabal Al Akhdar is important to the local tourism scene as it serves as a prominent haven for those looking to enjoy a summer spent in the bounty of nature. Al Hajry further explained that the moderate climate in summer is one of the most attractive features for visitors from all over the Sultanate who come to enjoy the calm and pleasant atmosphere and explore the natural treasures.

"Amid the extraordinary circumstances that the world is currently facing, we have a responsibility to ensure the full adherence to all precautionary measures that have been implemented to guarantee the safety of visitors, residents and workers within the tourism and hospitality sector," she added.

"As the summer season begins, we invite everyone to experience and enjoy the splendor of Jabal Al Akhdar, which fully complies with the precautionary guidelines that prioritize everyone's health and security. We are confident that our people are working closely with us in the move to ensure that these measures are properly observed. This enhances our optimism about the future of the tourism sector and the entry of the summer season proves to be a timely opportunity to enhance domestic tourism and encourage all members of Omani society to explore the magic of natural, heritage, and historical attractions that are worth visiting," concluded Al Hajry.

The Oman Ministry of Tourism has recently issued a set of precautionary measures and guidelines to battle COVID-19 -including rules that have been implemented based on decisions made by the Supreme Committee to examine developments resulting from the spread of COVID-19. The preventive measures include providing the highest levels of protection within work environments, by training employees in customer-handling procedures and the virus prevention mechanism, as well as adhering to a social distancing policy and ensuring the availability of hygiene, sterilization, and personal protective equipment. In addition, the guidelines for making online reservations have also been activated to avoid the use of paper documents. Another guideline to be implemented is the organizing of trips in small groups of no more than 15 people to ensure social distancing measures and the use of awareness signs featuring preventive instructions and measures.

The Ministry has also issued guidelines for hotel establishments to ensure the safety of its workers and guests, including panels that include instructions and illustrations on virus safety, as well as providing face masks at the main entrance to guests and encouraging employees to wear protective face masks during work time.

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