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KAYAK launches digitized travel protection services powered by Koala

Any traveler searching for their next trip on KAYAK can purchase both Koala products via a two-minute purchase journey.

PARIS – Τravel search engine KAYAΚ has launched a digitized travel protection platform in France based on the technology provided by Koala and designed for the modern traveler.

According to a new studyfrom KAYAK, about half (48%) of French adults are planning to purchase travel insurance for a holiday in 2022, with around 41% citing Covid-19 as a driving factor. But despite the demand for travelers seeking financial protection for their trips in the age of pandemic travel, it appears most travel insurance products haven’t adapted to meet traveler’s needs. About a quarter (24%) of respondents from the same report say they don’t trust most insurance providers, with about 40% finding most policies to be unclear and misleading about what is actually covered, and a further 30% believe most to have complicated claims processes.

So, what do travelers want most from travel insurance in 2022?
According to the report, travelers are most attracted to guaranteed quick refunds, followed by not having to provide reasons for canceling their trip. Avoiding long claim forms and getting 24/7 customer service were also listed as top priorities.

Both obsessed with leading travel forward with easy-to-use solutions, KAYAK and Koala have teamed up to tackle these barriers head on with the launch of KAYAK Flex and KAYAK Comprehensive, powered by Koala, two full digitized travel products integrated directly into the KAYAK platform, with KAYAK Flex that pays-out refunds instantly without the need of complex forms or reasons for cancellations.

John-Lee Saez, Director, KAYAK Europe commented: “While travelers have become more accustomed to navigating the unpredictability of travel over the past two years, we found most travel insurance providers are still providing complex and outdated products that aren’t adapted to the new world of travel. With Koala, we saw a great opportunity to build a new kind of no-nonsense protection that gives travelers the reassurance they need to travel with confidence.”

Any traveler searching for their next trip on KAYAK can purchase both Koala products via a two-minute purchase journey. Here’s how they both work:

  • KAYAK Flex powered by Koala is the ultimate cancellation protection before departure, allowing travelers to receive an instant cash reimbursement if they want to cancel their trip, if they, for any reason, decide not to travel. Travelers can be refunded up to 70% of their trip price if they cancel their trip up to 4 days before departure, with only essential information needed such as travel dates and destination – no long forms to fill or waiting for months for payment. KAYAK Flex powered by Koala is available to purchase within 3 days of booking your trip.
  • KAYAK Comprehensive powered by Koala provides added peace of mind, allowing travelers to be protected during their trip with coverage of medical expenses, including any Covid-19 related expenses, hospitalization and repatriation costs for any trip around the world. With both options, users are provided with Koala 24/7 customer service and all documentation is designed with 100% transparency – no small print.

Ugo Weyl, CEO and co-founder of Koala, adds: ring and increase the services and geographies further during the course of the year.”“We are proud of our new partnership with KAYAK which demonstrates our ambition to innovate and bring added value to travelers and travel partners across the industry. We are on a mission to make travel insurance fair and simple, and today’s launch is just the start of our journey with KAYAK as we will add to our product offe

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