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Making up for lost time: Millennials and parents drive Summer travel boom

One-third say they will take a longer vacation compared to Summer 2019.

NEW YORK – More than a year and a half after the pandemic curtailed travel, the industry is seeing record-breaking numbers from a pent-up demand for travel. Cooped-up Americans are eager to return to travel with open arms and wallets, but who is fueling the summer travel boom? Young adults (ages 18-34) and parents with children under 18, according to a report from The Points Guy. In fact, young adults and parents with children under 18 are more likely to spend somewhat or much more on summer travel than they did the summer of 2019 (pre-pandemic). Additionally, millennials (ages 25-40) are more likely than any other generation to take a longer vacation, fly in first class, pay more to stay at a nicer hotel or resort and even pay with points or miles.

Parents with children under 18 are more likely to anticipate spending somewhat or much more on a vacation this summer compared to the summer of 2019 (34%) versus parents with children over 18 (21%). Young adults (ages 18-34) are also more likely to say they plan to spend somewhat or much more this summer compared to summer 2019 vs. older travelers (ages 35+) (35% vs. 20%, respectively).

“Demand for certain types of trips and destinations has surpassed even 2019 levels" says Melanie Lieberman, senior travel editor at The Points Guy. “And it’s clear now that younger adults and parents with young children are at the forefront of this travel surge. They’re willing to spend more to take longer trips or have a more elevated or comfortable experience.”

Of those with summer travel plans, 33% said they are more likely to vacation for longer than they would have before the pandemic. This number increases for those who are parents with children under 18 (46% vs. 27% of parents with children 18+) and millennials (45%). However, younger travelers, specifically Gen Zers (ages 18-24) are more likely than any other demographic to travel overseas this summer (33% vs. 18% of those 25 and older).


Millennials (ages 25-40)

Older travelers (ages 41+)

Take a longer vacation



Pay extra for a nicer hotel/resort



Another type of upgrade (room upgrade, pay for a travel agent, etc.)



Pay with miles and/or points



Fly first class



Additionally, the majority of those with summer travel plans (77%) say travel deals and incentives were important when making arrangements (44% somewhat important + 33% very important). Nearly one-quarter said they weren’t important (23%). Parents with young children (85%), millennials (80%) and Gen Xers (ages 41-56, 80%) also say travel deals and incentives are very or somewhat important when booking travel plans.

“Aside from travel deals and incentives, travelers who want to save money on a summer vacation need to be flexible and creative,” adds Lieberman. “Be flexible with your travel dates, the duration of your stay, your destination and even where you stay and how you get around.”

When it comes to upcoming Fourth of July weekend plans, the most popular activities include gathering with friends/family at or near home (36%) and venturing to gather with friends/family at least a couple hours away from your home (18%). A mere 7% say they will stay in a hotel, motel or Airbnb and 5% say they will fly on an airplane. Eleven percent don’t know and 3% say other.

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