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Market Hub Americas by Hotelbeds

The Market Hub Americas event by Hotelbeds took place this year at the RIU Santa Fe Hotel in Los Cabos in Mexico from 6-7 October 2015. At this 7th edition, the event welcomed more than 500 people form the industry, among them sales and marketing staff form tour operating companies, hoteliers, and international media. The successful event was supported by many hotel chains like Hard Rock Hotel, Fiesta Americana, Atlantis, Ramada, Iberostar, Palladium, Hilton Worldwide, Starwood Hotels and Resorts, Hyatt, Accor Hotels, Best Western, Wyndham, Wynn – Encore, to mention same. Also, Disney Destinations, U.S. Virgin Islands, Tampa Bay, Las Vegas, Interjet, Iberia, Andalucia, and of course Los Cabos Tourism were present.

The great success of Hotelbeds word wide is based on simplicity. The logo “we love simply” is the driven power of their success. Focus on simple solutions, Hotelbeds helps hotels to promote their product as well as tour operators to choose the right product for making bookings.
“Supporting you – 2015 Hightlights” by Carlos Munoz
Carlos Munoz, Managing Director Hotelbeds presented the high lights of 2015 and the targets for 2016. In 2015, Hotelbeds put 11,000 new hotels in the system, 500 new destinations, and offered 4,000 differentiated products. The company focuses on technology and on tailoring its services to meet its client’s needs. For 2016, Hotelbeds will put in its portfolio 1,500 new properties.
“Towards simplicity in a complex industry” by Norm Rose
Norm Rose from Phocuswright presented the last trends on travel industry mentioning that Middle East, Eastern Europe, and LATAM (Latin America) is the fast-growing regions. It is very imperative that emerging markets will contribute nearly twice as much to global gross bookings growth.
“Our vision for customer experience – We love simple” by Jaume Obrador & Sam Turner
Hotelbeds focuses on customer experience offering in the next 12 months 4 million room nights pre bought, 99,7% availability and 1.5 seconds response time. As it likes ‘simple’, the vision of the company is to simplify its services. Always, the staff of the Hotelbeds hears what the customers want to say, and the company offers the simple solution. An investment of 1.5 million will be done on the network for global assistance. Also, Hotelbeds is offering 640 deals worldwide covering 1,700 hotels. 
A snapshot from the exhibition
In the conference of Hotelbeds Market Hub Americas lots of hotels, destinations, airlines, participated giving information to the delegates.
A differentiated portfolio” by Javier Arevalo
The presentation focuses on the differentiation of the product that Hotelbeds is offering, giving sometimes 3.5 more sales. Always a different product sells more. It is important to mention that the differentiated product sells 3 times more in the Asia Pacific area, 3.8 in the Latin America, in Europe 3.2, and in North America 5.7. Also, vacations rentals are a fast growing trend that sells very well. 
Sam Turner, Javier Arevalo, Marta Alvarez, Carlos Munoz
‘We love simple” – Our vision is to simplify our services.
Panel discussion
The panel discussed issues about hotel booking and smart phones. Year by year more travelers use mobile before and after the booking. It is obvious that the smart phone booking is increasing. Instructions have been given to trade staff how to share information with customers and suppliers through applications and smart phones.
“Have you got Apitude?” by Benjamin Pironneau & Carlos Bautisita 
What is aptitude? When the customer is using apps during the trip. Both speakers explain that it is time to go from the XML to the API, an Application Programming Interface. It works as an interface between different soft wares or systems and facilitates their interaction. Hotelbeds is introducing Apitude with three services. Content API for managing the content, BookingAPI for managing the booking flow, CacheAPI for caching services. To develop and XML is very hard and needs lots of information. Content is also very important, including the huge data in all languages. API is 30% faster and 70% lighter! 
“Optimised simplicity – Hotelbeds your partner in business” by Ilze Van Boven and Terela Maseda
The speakers present the reports for destinations and hotel performance that are usable tools. Top Rank report helps to find out which hotel or destination the clients book with Hotelbeds. Activity report analyses all services of Hotelbeds giving valuable information. The new is that there is now a promotion report that gives monthly the products highlights and the top agreements. 
“Unlocking value in your customers” by Paul Antony 
Paul Antony explain that customer acquisition is more expensive year by year. He said that TTV (Total Transaction Values) achieved last year 199 million euros, increase of 47% year over year. In 2015, there was growth in all sectors. By region, there was growth of 74% in North America, 48% in Europe, 51% in Latin America, 10% in North Africa, and 37% in Asia Pacific. 
“Disney Destinations” Mickey Mouse!!!
Mickey Mouse salutes the Conference…