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The Eda'a Research Center has launched a new survey

The Arab world from a British traveller’s perspective

In an effort to gain real insight into the decline in travel to the Arab World in 2011, and to discover its potential resurgence for 2012, the Eda’a Research Center, established by a grant from JSMP/JEDCO, has launched a new survey – British Travellers’ Attitudes towards the Arab World. It is anticipated that the results of this research will provide the tourism sector in the Arab World with a clearer picture of the reality of the current situation and the prospects for tourism to the region for 2012 from an important source market.

Geographically and historically, the Arab World lies at a crossroads in global communications, where Europe, Africa and Asia meet. The 23 component countries share many physical and cultural features. Similarities in religion, language, architecture, food specialties and other aspects of lifestyle, plus a shared historical experience, link almost all of the countries in the region.

Nevertheless, the Arab World has been under the spotlight of the global media, as it witnesses a changing wave in many aspects of life. The Eda`a Research Center wants to determine to what degree, if any, the current situation, labeled the ‘Arab Spring’ in much of Western Media, is influencing travellers’ decisions to travel to the region. This study will focus on discovering, for example, the impact of political and cultural issues as well as financial concerns upon British tourists’ attitudes toward travel to Arab countries. It aims to also discover the factors which contribute to British tourists electing to travel to Arab countries and what may be the most influential reasons for them to visit the region. Finally, the study will seek to identify those countries in the Arab World which travellers are most likely to visit in 2012 regardless of the current circumstances.

To assist in this research, British Travellers are encouraged to access the survey using the following link:

The survey will launch on the first day of the Arab Tourism Conference being held in Aqaba, Jordan, beginning on 29 September 2011.

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