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The Lebanese public and private institutions have designated HORECA as a basic source of hospitality information

For the eleventh consecutive year, Lebanon witnessed the holding of the largest annual conference for hospitality in the…

For the eleventh consecutive year, Lebanon witnessed the holding of the largest annual conference for hospitality in the Middle East. The holding Horeca gathers the national, international, private and public institutions, which coincides with Lebanon`s construction and touristic rise.

Nada Sardouk, the general manager of the Lebanese ministry of tourism, noted in this context that Lebanon in general and the capital Beirut specifically is witnessing a vast hotel development field as a result of local, Arabic and international investment. Lebanon has been experiencing a surge in Arab and international tourists. Hotel chains and furnished apartments have been expanding at a rapid rate in order to meet the growing demand for bookings and reservations.

To highlight the number of tourists that visited Lebanon in the last two years, the year 2003 exceeded one million tourists. This has assured that Lebanon regained its leading position on a national and international basis
clarified Ms. Sardouk.

The Lebanese outstanding hospitality in the service sector has greatly contributed to the expansion of the Lebanese leading touristic position in the region. The technical colleges and the private and public universities in Lebanon are considered among the most important academic destinations in the region (exceeding 50 hospitality service colleges). This constitutes an added value for hotel investment, especially since most of the employees in this sector are university or technical degree holders. El Sardouk assured

Ms. Nada Sardouk noted that Horeca sheds a light on the importance of the touristic industry in the recruitment sector, investment and services and added that the importance of Horeca is due to its high standard and professionalism and is specialized in conferences, exhibitions and other services. Also, on a more important level, Horeca has proved to be an important humanitarian and cultural exhibition in the hospitality industry.

Mr. Paul Ariss, the president of restaurants, cafes, discotheques and pastry shops, assured that Lebanese professionalism plays a major part in the leading role that Lebanon plays in tourism. He also noted the importance of Lebanese cuisine in this leadership. Nowadays, we cannot talk about Lebanon`s leadership in tourism without referring to the major role that the Lebanese food has played. Especially since Lebanese cuisine has become renowned internationally. Thousands of Lebanese restaurants have become wide spread all over the world. Lebanese food is an excellent ambassador for our country and culture. Ariss continued noting that this growth reflected positively on colleges specialized in hotel management. Hotel management schools have increased in number and have developed more varied programs. This has reflected positively on some industries, especially the food industry that is now of international standard.

Ariss considered the annual Horeca exhibition is a basic source of valuable information for experts, Lebanese, Arab and international investors. It allows you to discover new technologies and more updated services. Horeca also helps you develop your expertise in major sectors that deal with hospitality.

On the reflection of the resulting growth of the touristic sector on other related industries, Mr. Fadi Abboud, the president of the Lebanese industrialist association, said that the industries that represent tourism and especially the food industry and kitchen equipment, is considered without any doubt one of the major industries in Lebanon. In spite of challenges, it has succeeded in increasing its exports by approximately 10%.

Abboud suggested on giving the Lebanese food industry and its exports more importance in the economical strategy. This is based on the fact that Mediterranean food is the only growing sector worldwide and it is accomplishing a 50% growth in the United States of America and 30% growth in the European market. Abboud continued noting that Lebanese food is not the only success factor of the Lebanese tourism industry. The successful development of hotels is also due to the Lebanese excellent and luxurious taste, and the good management, development and execution of tourist projects in Lebanon and worldwide.

The participation of the public and private institutions, the syndicates, the associations and the individuals in the largest hospitality conference in the Middle East sheds the light on the importance of Horeca in the economical, industrial, trading, and tourist sector. Horeca became an annual meeting for important Lebanese business men, Arabs and foreigners.

Horeca, the largest hospitality meeting will be held from the 27th until 30th of April, 2004 at BIEL on a …… square meter of space. It is expected to have more than 9 specialized booths from Cyprus, Holland, The United Arab of Emirates, Armenia, Germany, England, Jordan and Italy. Belgium, France, The United Kingdom of Saudi, Kuwait and Spain are also participating. Horeca expects the visit of more than a 15 thousands of professionals.

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