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Galileo and Worldspan users exchange best practices on GDS provider’s new interactive online forum

Travelport connects Middle East travel agents with TravelChat

Travelport, one of the world’s leading providers of global distribution systems (GDS), is connecting Galileo and Worldspan users in the Middle East through Travelport TravelChat, an interactive, web-based forum tailored specifically to the travel trade.

Offered in partnership with web hosting provider TravelChat, the online chat facility gives travel agents the ability to communicate in real-time instantly and securely with their counterparts, exchanging information and sharing best practices with a network of trade professionals in an accessible and user-friendly way.

Middle East travel agents using the free service are not only leveraging the portal to exchange knowledge and ideas, but to boost efficiency and streamline their workflow. The instant messaging function also enables them to collaborate with several subscribers at a time, with the ability to hold several conversations simultaneously.

“With TravelChat, Travelport has fostered a dynamic online community where Galileo and Worldspan-connected travel agents can communicate easily with one another and harness the collective knowledge of their network of peers,” said Rabih Saab, Vice-President, Travelport GDS, Middle East. “A growing number of travel agents in the Middle East are using this interactive tool and we are delighted that the portal is encouraging the flow of information and facilitating collaboration amongst agents in the region.”

Accessible through a secure website, Travelport TravelChat provides users with a platform that is easy to use and participate in. Travel agents can simply log onto the site from any computer that is linked to the web. Once signed-up to the service, members can create a profile and invite others to join.