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The launch will allow customers to have access to mature & tested technology launches marketing office in Dubai will launch a new marketing office in Dubai. This will expand the company’s business into the fast expanding developing regions of Middle East, North Africa and Asia Pacific region (TSM MENAAP office). The launch will allow customers in all segments of the business to have access to mature & tested technology as we see high growth in this the business segment within these regions. From a customers’ perspective, this will enable the local touch and will allow cutting edge booking technology to be available for leisure and business users in the region. is a world leader providing global technology since 1995 including process management solutions to the travel industry at large. The company was founded by the travel industry veteran John Hazlewood from Austin, Texas who has provided innovative technology solutions to travel agencies, traditional airlines, consolidators, hotels and hotel content providers, small and medium size corporations across Europe. ‘We are very excited to explore new regional business. With several portals powered by TSM technology & over 1,600 agents operating business using our platform, we have the experience in this space. It’s this value that we bring to the developing regions’, said John Hazlewood.

TraVision Middle East will provide its marketing proves to TravelStoreMaker from its base in Dubai, New Delhi & Singapore. Established in 2007, TraVision is the first full service consultancy to the Travel Industry in the Middle East. It is all set to launch the first B2B travel portal BookATicket.Com powered by TravelStoreMaker.

Bicky Carlra, President of TraVision Inc. and Founder of BookATicket.Com will serve as the Managing Director of TravelStoreMaker in Middle East, Asia Pacific & Africa. At the launch of this new venture Bicky said ‘TravelStoreMaker’ s technology has been in operation for over a decade, the functionality of its platform is extremely advanced, it has already integrated several large content providers both LCC’s & hotel’s , not to mention the very experienced & skilled team support from Bulgaria. In total TSM brings a new perspective within the OTA space’.

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