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WDT unveils automated weather warning system for international airports

Weather Decision Technologies (WDT) unveiled details of its Aviation Weather Decision Support System (AWDSS™) designed to enhance operational safety and flight management  planning at the world’s leading international airports. 

Dubai International Airport (DXB), the fastest growing airport in the world in 2007, has implemented a fully integrated WDT AWDSS system which provides  automated and intensely detailed, real-time “nowcasts” and forecasts on meteorological conditions such as fog, thunderstorms, low-level wind shear, microbursts, inversions, gust and sea-breeze fronts, and other hazards affecting the airport.  The Dubai AWDSS was fully installed by WDT in December 2007 and is now going through a six month process to ensure it is tuned to the local environment and meets all of the requirements of the Dubai ATC and meteorological staff.

The AWDSS enhanced analysis, interpretation functionality and color-coded Aviation Weather Situation Display completely redefine the manner in which regional and runway weather data and custom alerts are delivered, with accurate, ultra-high resolution data supplied directly to ATC operations and to operational meteorologists for safety and flight planning up to 72 hours ahead. 

The WDT automated weather warning system will be on display at the ATC 2008 trade show taking place in Amsterdam, March 11-13, 2008. With the system, airport meteorologists can customize and control a rich array of information that is precisely synchronized with scheduled arrival and departure times. Streamlined communications functions linked to airport operations centers enable rapid decision-making, thereby avoiding costly airborne staging or “on-the-runway” re-routing procedures.

“The AWDSS installed at Dubai airport will greatly enhance safety with timely and accurate alerts, warnings and forecasts, enabling critical services to ATC and airport operations relating to runway management and flight planning,” said David Thomas, Senior Manager, Meteorological Services, Dubai International Airport. “We selected WDT because they offered us an extremely elegant solution – one which we were able to install easily into our existing infrastructure, and greatly reducing our overall acquisition and implementation costs,” said Thomas.

“The beauty of our system is not simply the superior accuracy of the weather information we provide, but also the strength of the research and development pedigree we bring to our customers’ projects,” said Mike Eilts, President and CEO, WDT. “Our licensing agreements and close working relationships with government and private research and technology leaders such as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)/Lincoln Laboratories, Canada’s McGill University and the National Severe Storms Laboratory make it possible to put leading edge monitoring, analysis and forecasting technologies within the reach of airports everywhere,” said Eilts.

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