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New survey reveals over 50% of Britons booked staycations due to airport chaos

Travellers are willing to add three hours of travel time to help climate change.

A survey by train and bus booking site Omio, reveals the nation is making more environmentally friendly travel choices with over half (58%) of respondents planning a staycation for 2022. Here are some key pullouts from the survey: 

  • Over half (58%) of us are planning a staycation for 2022
  • One in six (15%) have reconsidered current holiday plans due to current airport delays and cancellations
  • Over half (55%) have had their most recent vacation within the UK
  • Over a third (39%) say using more eco-friendly transport will help climate change the most
  • 12% say we need to avoid using air travel to help the cause
  • 37% define a sustainable holiday as using both accommodation and transport that is climate positive 
  • 38% of people say their biggest inspiration for travelling sustainably is seeing the impact of climate change on the places they visit
  • Over a half (55%) have already taken their last holiday within the UK, with one in six (15%) having reconsidered holiday plans due to current airport delays and cancellations. 

Aware of how travel affects CO2 levels, over a third (39%) of those surveyed say that adapting to eco-friendly transport for local or holiday travel will have the most positive effect on climate change. Over a quarter (27%) cite using public transport or bicycles for local journeys, with 12% agreeing that using trains and buses instead of flying, is the best thing to change to help the environment.

Lockdown shone a light on our lifestyles and the environment, with pollution levels dropping due to the cease of overseas travel. Still, nearly a quarter (23%) of us admit to not living a very sustainable lifestyle and would like to act, but find it challenging. Nearly half of respondents (46%) feel they do live sustainably but would like to do more to contribute to reducing CO2 emissions.

Over a third (37%) define sustainable travel as being climate positive; offsetting more CO2 for the entire trip (both accommodation and travel) than is consumed. However almost a third (30%) cite cost as the main reason for not travelling more sustainably, with just over a quarter (26%) saying they would like a wider choice of alternatives such as bus and train travel.

Although people have voted to stay on the home ground instead of holidaying abroad this year, in part due to the airport chaos, nearly a fifth (19%) of respondents are willing to add over three hours to their journey time to travel more sustainably. 

The top three sustainable travel inspirations are:

  • Seeing the impact of climate change on the planet and wanting to preserve the environment (38%)
  • Feeling guilty about contributing to climate change through travel choices (25%)
  • Enjoying the journey as much as the destination (23%)
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