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Over half of employees feel their vacation policy should change due to COVID-19

Most employees have found it tough to take time off due to COVID-19, but nearly two years into the pandemic, time off is a necessity. 

Work environments – both those at home and in the office – can seriously impact the way you view your time there and your time off. For instance, how often have you or your co-workers left vacation days unused? Why is that? Even with unlimited paid time off (PTO) becoming more common, are employees better rested or prepared? Are they more productive at work or more fulfilled in general?

Joblist surveyed over 1k employees to explore how they feel about taking vacation time.

In the last year, employees have taken an average of 11 days off

  • Employees with unlimited PTO or a 2-week time-off policy have taken an average of 10 
  • 43% of employees agree that they have not taken ample vacation days in the past year
  • Just over half of employees believe their vacation policy should change due to COVID-19
  • Employees with unlimited PTO were the most likely to report healthy work-life balance (61%) and those with two weeks were the least likely (53%)
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