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Peace, quiet… and Brexit – Britons’ holiday hang ups revealed

New survey reveals what British holidaymakers look for in a holiday destination. Peace and quiet tops the list of choices, with cultural attractions a close second. Despite the current uncertainty, more than three quarters of Brits say Brexit hasn’t influenced their holiday bookings.

A recent survey conducted by villa holiday company Optima Villas Lanzarote has concluded that the majority of Britons like nothing more than a timeout while on holiday.

43% of the 400 Britons surveyed said that peace and quiet is a top priority on a summer holiday – with cultural and historical attractions coming in a close second at 32% – proving that UK holidaymakers want a little more than just sun and sand when jetting off for a summer break.

Britons love bliss
Peace and quiet is something of a British institution – something that is reflected by the responses to the survey. 43% of respondents placed this as the thing they value most from a summer holiday – with both men and women placing this as their holiday essential. 

However, it might be a bit more of a must-have the further north you go, as 57% of Scots ranked this kind of bliss as their number one, alongside 63% of respondents from North East England.

Seemingly, a tranquil break far away from the commotion of modern life is all holidaymakers need – but other respondents painted a broader picture of what Brits like the most from a summer sojourn.

Culture vultures
A bland yet peaceful resort just won’t cut it for 32% of our respondents, who placed cultural and historical attractions at the top of their holiday wishlist.

These culture vultures want a summertime destination that stimulates their desire for history and authenticity, so expect to see these holidaymakers rambling to historic churches and exploring the best museums Europe has to offer – all in the name of summer fun. 

Perhaps surprisingly, it’s 18-24 year olds, alongside 65 and overs, who placed the most emphasis on culture as their holiday must-have.

Sand and serenity
Just under a quarter of respondents placed a good beach at the top of their priority list. From miles of remote coastline perfect for surfing to more vibrant beachside resorts, these sand snobs know a good stretch of seaside when they see it – and they aren’t afraid to be a little picky. Data shows that these coastal connoisseurs are evenly split across the generations – proving that a sumptuous stretch of sand is enjoyed by all ages.

A privacy-first holiday was the primary concern of 16% of respondents to the survey, and an overwhelming 79% of these respondents were female – meaning it’s mostly women who value seclusion during their time abroad.

Nightlife and day-care 
12% of those surveyed put children's activities at the top of their list of what they value most from a summer holiday – placing their little ones’ fun as their number one priority. From beachside creches to engaging activity holidays, these holidaymakers are keen to find something for their kids to enjoy – or at least something to tire them out!

Just 8% of respondents cited burning the midnight oil above all else, suggesting that the rowdy ‘Brits abroad’ stereotype doesn’t necessarily apply any more. From uber-cool Balkan techno clubs to the more straightforward party resorts on the Mediterranean and beyond, there are more than enough options for the discerning nightlife tourist – but it seems this is becoming less of a priority for Brits. 

However, this isn’t the case if you’re from the West Midlands, as respondents from the region were 3.5 times more likely to opt for nightlife than the rest of the country – which seemingly proves that the best party animals are from Birmingham and beyond!

No Brexit bother
Travel around Europe has become something of a political hot potato. Yes, this survey mentioned the B-word – and respondents gave an emphatic answer to our question.

In heartening news for the tourism industry, 80% of respondents said that the current Brexit uncertainty has not delayed their booking of a summer holiday, while 20% said the ongoing political quagmire caused them to press pause on any holiday-making plans.

Surprisingly, given the generational divide that has characterised the Brexit debate, data from our segment of respondents showed a largely even split across the generations.

It’s hard to say whether it’s confidence that there will be a way through the current crisis or a simple desire to escape a nation gripped by talk of backstops and customs unions that have led to this result – but either way, it’s good news for the tourism industry.

Topline results:

  • What do you value the most from a summer holiday?
  • Peace & quiet: 42.7%
  • Cultural & historical attractions: 32.4%
  • A good beach: 24.4%
  • Privacy: 16.3%
  • Children’s activities: 11.7%
  • Nightlife: 8%
  • Other responses: 0.9% 

Has the uncertainty surrounding Brexit delayed you booking your summer holiday?
1. Yes: 20.6%
2. No: 79.4%

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