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PSNGR1 announces $13m. in funding and unveils groundbreaking updates to its next-generation travel platform

The New York City-based travel planning, booking, and management platform backed by $13 million in funding, today releases significant updates to its industry-leading platform benefitting corporate travel managers, travel agents, suppliers, and travelers alike.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – PSNGR1 who is overhauling the travel industry at large, announces the launch of game-changing updates to its innovative platform. The first of its kind, PSNGR1 is an industry inclusive platform that allows users to book both corporate and leisure travel in one profile and interface. It enables corporations to sign up and connect with their preferred TMC (Travel Management Company), all in a matter of minutes – not the standard 4–6-week onboarding timeline offered by existing corporate travel solutions. PSNGR1 was founded pre-pandemic by travel-industry veteran CEO Christopher Moss and was bolstered by a $13 million funding round closed in May. Today the company unveils platform updates that will reinvigorate a notoriously cumbersome pillar of the travel industry.
“PSNGR1 makes travel booking, corporate or leisure, smarter and more cost-effective for every stakeholder in the travel supply chain. By bringing together disparate segments of what has always been a burdensome process into a more personalized and streamlined system, PSNGR1 offers tools to deliver a modern, cohesive experience for end-users,” said CEO Christopher Moss, an industry expert with more than a decade of experience in the airline and travel agency businesses. “With the travel industry bouncing back from the global pandemic pause, and a lot of pent-up demand for travel, the timing is perfect for PSNGR1 to deliver its updates on corporate and leisure travel planning, booking, and management that benefits everyone – personally and professionally.”
Streamlining Travel From Inspiration to Administration
Current booking tools, both leisure and corporate, focus on single reservations making planning and booking full itineraries laborious and unorganized. PSNGR1’s TripBoards change the game by allowing users to easily invite colleagues, friends, or family to collaboratively plan, book, and manage all aspects of their trip, in one intuitive experience. On the platform, groups and individuals are enabled to add flights, hotels, cars, trains, and custom events (like restaurant reservations) to build full itineraries where all travel components combine simply and efficiently. PSNGR1’s TripBoard functionality not only allows groups to collaborate on, interact with, and track costs of their own itinerary, it also empowers future travelers to search and reference a library of existing TripBoards as inspiration for their next journey.

Travelers aren’t the only ones benefiting from the innovations of PSGNR1. Businesses in the travel supply chain, “suppliers” -such as hotels, airlines, car rentals, and more- enjoy unparalleled visibility and access to travelers’ information via a universal yet anonymous profile, which affords them the flexibility to create and provide customized offerings to consumers at the point of sale. PSNGR1 also delivers the most advanced flight search, allowing all fare options to be displayed via one-search request. Leveraging the Next Generation Storefront (NGS) PSNGR1 can drive upsells for airline partners up to 30% more than traditional one-cabin search responses. The goal is to standardize content across the entire travel ribbon, ensuring users are fully educated during the planning and purchasing steps of their journey.

Most importantly, travel managers can now sign up, choose their preferred TMC and start leveraging PSNGR1 tools within minutes without the hassle of subscriptions or booking fees. Travel managers are seeing double-digit savings versus current offerings – through smarter policies, better content, and, most importantly, higher user adoption, driving those rogue travelers back towards the corporate travel program and into policy. All the while, traveling employees are happy to use an intuitive platform, taking advantage of deals and personalized offers that enhance their overall travel experience. They’ll also have a full suite of tools that make it possible for them to self-serve on all changes and cancellations: saving the company time and money while avoiding the unnecessary aggravation that comes with extra calls to customer service.
Friction Free – Travel Agencies and Suppliers
The platform provides travel agencies with access to all GDS (Global Distribution Systems), NDC (New Distribution Capability) content, and more, including restaurants, tours, and a range of travel activities. The platform is saving current agency partners up to 25% in cost reductions and allowing them to efficiently onboard the next generation of travel agents with a proprietary point-and-click travel agent application (TAA). In addition, PSNGR1 saves these agencies time and money versus other OBTs (Online Booking Tools) in the market by decreasing onboarding time by 97%, with no extra fees for additional corporate sites, passive segments, or direct access to preferred suppliers.
PSNGR1 is similarly a boon for travel suppliers, offering means to uniquely engage travelers with appealing offers in the most transparent marketplace, with real-time, data-driven targeting based on behavior, preferences, and the holistic footprint of individual users. The platform further enables suppliers to maximize yield by meeting current supply with demand-generation tools in the PSNGR1 marketplace. “The pandemic has severely altered the normal yield curve for suppliers”, Moss says. “Only with real-time data and a marketplace that envelopes corporate and leisure travel profiles, will suppliers effectively price their inventory.”
A Transformation Long Overdue
With most travel agencies faced with a choice of providing GDS content or utilizing costly third-party aggregators, their means of doing business is nothing if not outdated. PSNGR1 is galvanizing all stakeholders and moving the travel industry forward by offering a platform that is smart, simple, personal, and easy to use while providing tools for agencies to deliver a contemporary, cohesive and forward-looking experience.
“We positioned PSNGR1 to be the foundation of the ecosystem, allowing all stakeholders to benefit. Users finally have one dynamic profile – an interface for business and leisure bookings; suppliers – an outlet to distribute their products how they choose, with data-driven personalization; travel agencies – an ability to drive their digital transformation, and corporations – a smart, cost-effective, and lightweight offering that their travelers will want to use, solving for rogue bookers. Our software allows everyone in the industry to win”, adds CEO Moss.

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