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PSNGR1 partner with major airlines for direct connections

Enabling partner airlines to tailor content and create customized offers for individual travelers at the point of sale, with the potential to upsell by 30%.

NEW YORK – PSNGR1 [Passenger 1], the travel planning, booking and management platform, is moving on its mission to make travel booking smarter and more cost-effective by partnering with major airlines to provide direct connections to its partner travel management companies. The development allows airlines to update and build content to appeal directly to consumers and travel managers, while benefitting users with a range of offers and related information on a single screen that is both visually appealing and easy to navigate.

The partner airlines now directly connected with consumers and travel managers through PSNGR1 are among the biggest names in the industry, including American Airlines, United Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Air Canada, Emirates, Copa Airlines, and British Airways. Though newly announced, the partnerships have been taking shape for years and were among the foundational technologies that PSNGR1 was built upon from its conception.

Benefits All Around
How do these partnerships play out on PSNGR1? Travel Management Companies and travel managers using PSNGR1 can tap into all New Distribution Capability (NDC) content, just as they would with other booking platforms supplementing platforms supplementing the core connections with their GDS’. Yet with its next-generation storefront technology, PSNGR1 not only reveals all available flights and ticket costs but also offers a robust menu of additional flight details – from complimentary beverage selection to seat style, inflight Wi-Fi availability to ticket refund policy – in a clear display, unlike any other platform on the market. This wealth of detail enables consumers and travel managers to compare multiple fights at once on a single screen and make a well-informed decision before choosing and purchasing the airline and seat that best suits their needs.

Furthermore, these direct connections on PSNGR1 enable partner airlines to tailor pricing, amenities, and more to individual travelers based upon their universal yet anonymous profiles. This provides airlines with new flexibility to create and provide customized offers at the point of sale, driving the potential for upsells of up to 30% more than traditional search responses.

The data provided through PSNGR1 is also smarter and capable of reacting in real time from the travel supplier system to PSNGR1’s interface, creating efficiencies that the booking platforms already established in the travel space can’t hope to match.

“The new partnerships we’re announcing are only the beginning, as we intend to offer direct connection capability to suppliers throughout the travel supply chain, making it possible for hotels, car rental companies, cruise lines and more to create the right offer for the right audience at the right time in the right channel.”

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