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Screen scraper websites block thousands of Ryanair cistomer refunds, says airline

Ryanair to help customers by providing new “Customer Verification” option.

Ryanair announced that in addition to clearing 90% of all customer cash refunds by the end of July it has introduced a new process and instruction video for those customers who have been blocked from getting their refund by screen scraper travel websites. These unauthorised websites such as, Last, On The Beach and Love Holidays (among others) are passing fake customer contact details to Ryanair and adding customer names to “virtual” credit cards which is blocking refunds being paid directly to Ryanair’s customers.

This new “Customer Verification” option will help these thousands of customers who have been unable to obtain a refund due to unauthorised screen scraper websites masking customer contact and payment details from Ryanair and then refusing to answer customers refund requests.

In recent weeks, the Ryanair Customer Service team has been inundated with complaints about these unauthorised screen scraper websites who refuse to deal with or assist Ryanair customers. Ryanair now calls on all customers who have been misled and overcharged by these unauthorised screen scraper websites to apply directly for a refund with Ryanair through the new “Customer Verification” form on

Ryanair CEO, Eddie Wilson said: “While we are successfully refunding cash to millions of customers who booked direct, meaning we had genuine customer email contact and payment details, we have been  unable to deal with thousands of customers who booked through these unauthorised screen scraper websites because they provide false/fictitious customer contact and payment details when booking on Ryanair’s website.

These anti-consumer practices should be investigated by consumer associations and regulators (CAA & CAR) to ensure that these unauthorised screen scrapers are forced to supply accurate customer contacts so that Ryanair can process customer refunds, flight changes and urgent travel notifications.

In many cases these unauthorised screen scrapers are scamming customers by overcharging customers and  then booking on Ryanair’s website with fake customer contact and credit card details, then claiming customer refunds directly into their own accounts, and in some cases, refusing to pass this money onto customers. To protect customers, Ryanair has now created a simple online “Customer Verification” process and instruction video that allows customers to get refunded directly by Ryanair.

Customers should always book direct with Ryanair to ensure they receive the lowest fares as these screen scrapers mislead customers with hidden additional charges and provide fake contact/payment details which makes it impossible for customers to receive refunds or important travel information directly from Ryanair”.

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