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South Africa targets UAE investors for tourism industry developement

South Africa Investment Seminar.

The event is part of an ongoing initiative by the South African government looking to strengthen the investment ties between the UAE and South Africa.

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES – The South African Department of Tourism held an invitation only Tourism Investment Seminar in Dubai on March 27th, 2019 at the Palace Downtown Hotel, to promote South Africa as a market ripe for tourism investment among UAE investors. The event is part of an ongoing initiative by the South African government looking to strengthen the investment ties between the UAE and South Africa, especially in the field of tourism where a number of concrete investment opportunities in various regions of the country were presented.
Headed by Ms. Shamilla Chettiar, Deputy Director General, Destination Development, South African Department of Tourism, the 12-member delegation consisted of representatives from the Department of Tourism, provincial tourism promotion agency and the North West Tourism Board, South Africa’s Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) and a project promoter, Incopho Coastal Resorts.
During the investment seminar guests were provided presentations and overviews regarding the marketing of South Africa as a tourist destination, detailed information regarding the investment landscape, opportunities and government support offered, as well as hearing first-hand the experiences of a UAE investor already invested in South Africa’s tourism industry. Private meetings were then held between potential investors and the South African delegation counterparts.
Says Mr. Kenneth Siphelelo Hlela, Director, Tourism Investment Co-Ordination, South African Department of Tourism: “We are targeting the United Arab Emirates because of the high concentration of high net worth individuals with investable assets as well as the growing outbound market from the Gulf region to South Africa. We are aware, that to grow the UAE outbound market to South Africa, we need to develop products that respond to that market. Therefore, our planned investment mobilisation efforts are in line with the South African Tourism's marketing efforts in that region. We want to assure both investors and the South African travel industry that the South Africa is doing everything to keep up with the demand through mobilising investors who will ensure that demand is matched by our supply.” 
Hlela added: “As you might be aware, we currently have a minimum of 16 daily flights between Dubai and South Africa and we are growing.”
A number of the investment projects introduced by province included:
KwaZulu Natal Province:
  • Blythedale Coastal Resort
    – The project requires funding for A 5-star hotel development within the resort as well as commercial, retail and residential developments.
  • Nonoti Beach Development Project
    – The proposed projects require funding to develop 2 x 4 star hotels, 1 x 4-Star self-catering and 1 x 3-star self-catering (All these developments will add 822 beds in Nonoti), six (6) restaurants and 200-seater conference facility.
  • The Durban Point Waterfront
    – The project requires funding for Hotel and shopping mall development as part of the mixed-use development, which is located in the Durban Point Precinct, and will include a five-star 350-room hotel, with access to a shopping centre, public beach, safe swimming, learner surfing, snorkelling zone, promenade, green amphitheatre and other water-based activities. The Precinct includes hotels, residential apartments, office park and retail developments. It is located on a 55ha site neighbouring Durban Harbour.
Gauteng Province:
  • Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve
    – Project seeks funding for renovation, upgrading and maintenance of visitor facilities, accommodation (chalets and caravan park), conference and catering facilities, water park with indoor and outdoor pools, restaurant and picnic area.
  • Maropeng Hotel Expansion, Wellness and Spa Development
    – The project seeks funding for the expansion of existing 4-star hotel from 24 to 64 rooms and inclusion of a wellness and spa area. Currently the Maropeng Boutique Hotel, located near the Magaliesberg mountain range, and is a convenient five-minute walk from the Maropeng Visitor Centre. Hotel facilities include a bar lounge, restaurant and swimming pool, and rooms are accessible by wheelchair. Bulk services are already supplied. These might need to be increased to supply the increased demand.
Mpumalanga Province:
  • Sky Walk  (God’s Window and Blyde Dam)
    – Development of a Skywalk and Restaurant
  • Blyde Cable Car Project
    – A cable car will to transport tourists from the top of the canyon to the peninsula in the middle of Blyde Dam. Other related activities include; 
  1. Guided and interpreted boat trips around the dam.
  2. A fully fledged, A-grade visitor centre on the peninsula.
  3. Passive and adventure activities on the peninsula.
  4. The cable car will provide an exciting experience and spectacular views over and around the Blyde Canyon.
North West Province:
  • Bloemhof Dam Resort 
    – The project seeks funding to develop a Bloemhof Dam Resort multi-facility waterfront which include Resort (chalets), Shops, Jetties, Golf course and clubhouse, Hydro spa, Tennis courts and Pool.
  • Molopo Nature Reserve
    – The following development required within the nature reserve:
  1. Game Breeding Centre (fully equipped facilities)
  2. Bush lodges for hunting market
  3. Conference Centre
Eastern Cape:
  • Hole in the Wall
    – The project seeks funding to develop accommodation and conference facility, which include:
  1. The proposed Hole in the Wall Resort overlooks the Hole in the Wall arch which is an iconic natural attraction near Coffee Bay with a huge detached cliff that has a giant opening carved through its centre by the waves. The development will include the following:
  2. A 5-star hotel accommodating 44 guests
  3. Self Catering accommodation consisting of 30×2 bedroom units and 30 x1 bedroom units as well as staff accommodation
  4. Day visitor’s facilities which include indoor dining facilities, bar area, boma and pool
  5. A 500 seater conference facility
  6. Other facilities- restaurant, lounge, health spa, fitness centre
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