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Study: Holidays are the number one choice for European consumers

Pan-European YouGov survey on behalf of TUI reveals buying choices for discretionary spending – with holidays topping the list. More than one third spends at least 1,000 euros on annual holiday.

In a pan-European survey of consumer buying habits in some of Europe’s larger economies – Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and the UK – holidays are revealed as the top choice for discretionary spending. In a poll of more than 8,000 adults in six countries on behalf of TUI Group, research institute YouGov has asked Europeans about their spending habits. In spending discretionary income, Europeans all agree: holidays are first. In the UK, 43 percent would invest their money in a holiday. 39 percent of French and Belgians, 37 percent of Germans, 35 percent of the Dutch and more than one a quarter of all Swedish adults (26 percent) would most likely spend any additional income on a vacation. 

Holidays are the number one choice for European consumers. The next most favoured item is home improvements. 22 percent of French and German people, 20 percent of Belgians, 18 percent of the Brits and 17 percent of the Dutch said they would spend free cash on improving their apartments or homes, with the Swedes rather choosing to invest in clothes (20 percent). Only 13 percent of Swedes would invest their spare cash in home improvements. In third place in most countries are investments into electronic items (e.g. laptop, tablet, TV), whilst in Sweden these are near the same level as home improvements (12 percent).

More than one third of the respondents are willing to spend at least 1,000 euros (1,000 pounds in the UK) annually on a holiday. 34 percent of the Brits would spend more than 1,000 pounds, in Germany 39 percent of consumers would spend at least 1,000 euros. Also in the Netherlands (36 percent) and Belgium (37 percent) more than one third is willing to spend minimum that amount. In France the share is 32 percent. 

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