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The best time to book flights to just about anywhere in the world

Early flights are favoured by holiday goers as it gives them more time to enjoy, the study also revealed the cheapest flights were offered in the morning or at midday including the likes of Los Angeles and Mumbai. For short-haul flights, London Stansted dominates in terms of its prices but even comes out top for the most economical flights to Dubai.

By using price data from travel fare aggregator Momondo, leading travel medical insurance providers Get Going have gone in-depth to see when is the best time to book cheap airline tickets.

Data study reveals the best time of day, week and year to fly as well as the best airlines and airports to travel from. The study also finds Kuala Lumpur to Singapore to be the world’s most commonly flown route.

Stansted ranked as cheapest airport among the most popular destinations
Everyone has their own ideas when it comes to booking flights abroad, but is there actually the best time to fly? Medical travel insurance provider Get Going have gone in-depth to find the cheapest flight times and most popular places to fly between.

Frequent Flyers
Get Going have looked into the busiest flights and airports across the globe. The study has found that travel is the east is far more frequent, with notable findings as follows:

  • Set off to Singapore – In terms of the most common flight paths, Singapore is the destination of 4 flights in the top 10. The route from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore is flown over 30,000 time annually and ranks top in the list. The South-East Asian destinations popularity is gathered with nearly 60,000 flights a year from Jakarta, Hong Kong and Bangkok alone.  
  • Getting Across the Pond – Of the few flight journeys outside of Asia that made it onto our list, the London Heathrow to JFK, New York is the longest in terms of distance. With nearly 40 flights a day, it seems that little has been done to spoil the ‘special relationship’ for travellers on both sides.
  • Everyone to the Emirates – For international travel, no airport serves more passengers annually than Dubai. With every year that passes the United Arab Emirates becomes even more popular to global travellers, and serves an estimated 77.5 million passengers yearly, over 8 times the population of the whole country.

Savvy Travellers
If you’re a meticulous planner when it comes to travel, then Get Going has looked into the most cost-efficient times to fly to help you decide. Whether it’s the time of year, week or day, these are the best times to fly:

  • Jet off in January – After the festivities of Christmas and New Year, January can be all doom and gloom, but not for money-savvy travellers! If you’re popping off to Prague or running off to Rome, your best bet is to brave the cold and book in the first month of the year.
  • Triumph for Tuesday travellers – Fans of the long-weekend mini-break will be miffed to know that the best day of the week to travel is Tuesday by a distance. Under 10% of the flights studied were cheapest in the second half of the week, with journeys to Tokyo and Toronto at their lowest price on Tuesdays.  
  • Morning, Noon but NOT night – Holidaymakers often like an early flight to give them the most of the day in their destination, and the study reveals that the earlier, the cheaper. Over half of the flight paths studied found that the cheapest flights were offered in the morning or at midday including the likes of Los Angeles and Mumbai

A spokesperson from Get Going commented, “Planning can often take up more time than necessary so it’s important you know what you're looking for. Something as simple as the time of day or week could save you a great deal, especially if you’re on a budget or travelling with a group so this study gives a great insight for anyone looking to book a trip away”.

In addition to times and places, the study also highlights the airlines that are kindest to your wallet, so you know who to look out for.

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