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The top five places to spot wildlife in the UK

32% of Britons are now considering a staycation following the pandemic.

Holiday lettings company has revealed the top five places to spot some of Britain’s most impressive wildlife. From the Scottish Highlands to Devon, these wildlife hotspots make the perfect place for a truly unforgettable staycation.

So, if you’re one of the 32% of Britons now considering a staycation1 following the pandemic and you’d love to spot a dolphin or see a shark in the wild, consider taking a visit to these beautiful coastal locations:

1. Highlands 
Well known for its beautiful scenery and stunning oceans, you are guaranteed to have a wonderful wildlife experience at Moray Firth in the Highlands. 

When visiting, there’s a chance that you could spot not one, but three different species of wildlife. That’s right, this location is often home to dolphins, minke whales (they make quite the splash when breaching the water), and seals! Don’t forget to keep a significant distance when visiting the animals and protect their habitat. 

2. Northumberland 
When you think of Northumberland, its historic architecture and incredible landscapes may come to mind but that’s not all it has to offer. The Farne Islands are an exceptional place to spot all sorts of wildlife. 

You can watch seals having fun on the shore and dolphin spot to your heart’s content! But one thing that makes the Farne Islands extra special is that it’s one of the best puffin locations on the Great British Coast. There are around 40,000 nesting pairs in the Farne Islands colony and the best time to visit is the summer months when they return to the islands to breed. To avoid disturbing the beautiful birds, a boat will take you to the islands and keep you a safe distance away. 

3. Cornwall 
Cornwall is a well-known popular holiday destination, as it offers so many great staycation experiences, including the opportunity to see some of the UK’s most amazing wildlife. 

The Isles of Scilly is a great location to stop by; the island homes a range of different wildlife animals including seals, whales, sharks, and puffins and if you’re lucky you might just see them all! Although the Isles of Scilly have a lot to offer when it comes to wildlife if you’d like to see dolphins, Porthgwarra is the location for you whilst Penzance is the hot spot for catching a rare glimpse of leatherback turtles – yes that’s right, turtles in the UK!

4. Devon 
Due to its spectacular coastline and unforgettable beaches, Devon is a very popular staycation destination. There are many activities to do in Devon, but it doesn’t get much better than spending a day at the beach spotting some of the UK’s most special wildlife animals. 

Devon is home to dolphins, puffins and seals so there’s something for all the family to see. If you’re wanting to see dolphins, you should visit Labrador Bay, whereas Lundy is the place to be if you are looking to spot puffins and seals. Make sure to respect the animals’ space and always keep a safe distance from them.

5. Pembrokeshire 
Pembrokeshire is not a place you’d easily forget. Famous for its Welsh coastline and its stunning attractions, it is a fantastic destination for a staycation. If you decide to take a trip out to Skomer Island, you may even catch a glimpse of a seal splashing around or a puffin picking up some fish with its brightly coloured beak. What better way to enjoy a staycation than taking in the view of these beautiful wildlife creatures in their natural habitat, all in front of the incredible Pembrokeshire scenery? 

Commenting on the findings, Shannon Keary, Digital PR Manager at says: “When thinking about wildlife animals such as turtles and dolphins, it’s easy to assume that they all live somewhere tropical but it’s amazing to see that there are many places across the UK that home these beautiful creatures!"

Whilst visiting these wildlife hot spots can make a staycation extra special, it’s important to remember to keep a safe distance from the animals. There are boat trips available that will take you to see the wildlife from a secure distance. Following these regulations and respecting the creature’s habitat is extremely important for the safety and well-being of the wildlife."

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