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Travel Again releases recovery framework and recommendations

Travel industry leaders recommend key initiatives for immediate adoption.

WASHINGTON, DC – Travel Again, a new global travel advocacy organization, released a robust plan that provides a framework for safely rebuilding the travel industry, along with specific priorities and recommendations. The plan reflects a month-long process involving the organization’s Policy Advisors, which include 25 senior leaders who represent various sectors of the travel industry, as well as input from leading scientists and policy experts.

“In order for a sustainable recovery process to begin, we must systematically address the issues facing traveler confidence on a pan-industry, global level,” said Travel Again Co-Founder Mike McCormick. “We must begin now to prepare for and implement a coordinated global effort for the recovery of the travel industry. Our plan provides a framework and the path forward for doing so.”

The Recovery Framework

  • Manage Trip Risk – Provide safe travel environments and take ownership for pro-actively sharing best practices and standard across the industry sectors. Increased effort and resources must be focused on encouraging cross-border cooperation on travel and COVID-related policy.
  • Standardize Travel Requirements – Testing and traveler certification must reach wide adoption levels not only for the current COVID-19 crisis, but for on-going integration into long-term COVID-X prevention planning.
  • Restore Confidence in Traveling – The industry must coalesce around a common set of measurements, messaging and priorities.

Having established the framework and priorities that will most likely remain unchanged for most or all of 2021, Travel Again proposes the following travel industry initiatives for immediate adoption:

1. Implement “The 3-TEST Protocol” standard for all travelers
2. Enforce safe travel procedures for all travelers
3. Create a pathway to a quarantine-free travel requirement globally
4. Deploy digital health passports for travelers
5. Establish safe travel corridors to accelerate the restoration of international travel
6. Develop positive, fact-based, industry-wide messaging about travel recovery
7. Build a global, industry-wide advocacy clearinghouse entity
8. Appoint a senior-level “Travel Czar” role within the President-elect Biden Administration

Travel Again advocates to unite the global travel industry in order to restore consumer and corporate confidence in traveling and to encourage responsible government policy, both domestically and internationally. Their work will focus on efforts that both promote short-term recovery and help ensure longer-term sustainability in a post-vaccine world.

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