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Travel Industry Solutions launches industry’s first solution for independent travel advisors and agency owners

Trailblazing startup empowers independent travel advisors and agency owners with a full suite of documentation tools and services to streamline sales and operations.

MAITLAND, FL – Travel Industry Solutions announces the launch of the industry's first complete document solution to assist travel professionals in remaining compliant with industry standards, while increasing opportunities for success. The comprehensive new "agency-in-a box" solution is designed to provide a strategic set of tools to help agents operate in the most efficient way possible, from service fee and independent contractor agreements prepared by an experienced in-house legal team, to proven, field-tested trip scripts and much more. The solution is offered through an affordable subscription in order to keep agents current and provide ongoing compliant contracts. 

Travel Industry Solutions developed this innovative solution to help travel advisors and agency owners throughout the United States to stay one step ahead of their business needs by providing a suite of professional, simple-to-use tools. This one-stop-shop approach to travel agent support helps agencies to increase revenue, save money, gain efficiency, and increase professionalism.

The Travel Industry Solutions documentation solution also expertly addresses one of the major challenges faced by travel professionals today, which is maintaining legal compliance in their daily interactions with customers, personnel, and vendors. Through the solution, agents have access to continuously updated legal contracts to ensure compliance at every interaction and every touchpoint of their business, while greatly reducing or even eliminating legal expenses, remaining fully compliant and minimizing potential liability.

Unlike basic templates offered on some websites, all legal contracts provided by TIS are professionally developed by an executive team with over 40 years of experience in contracts and compliance and a dedicated legal team of more than 190 members that have been practicing travel law for more than a century. All contracts are backed by a full warranty to ensure peace of mind, as well as ongoing compliance.

Travel Industry Solutions also enhances business development initiatives and ROI by providing proven client email campaigns, trip scripts and insight into customer touchpoints, with simple-to-follow timelines for implementation and organization. Travel agent subscribers will have access to a library of strategic streamlined tools, checklists, and trip scripts to assist them in staying on top of bookings, tracking revenue, and meeting deadlines.

"Travel Industry Solutions aims to educate, inspire and keep agencies up-to-date with the ever-changing regulations in the travel industry," said Sheila Folk, Managing Partner of Travel Industry Solutions.

The new toolkit by Travel Industry Solutions was developed in response to travel agents' demand for a new approach to doing business and is driven by the increasing need for agents to be armed with the best administrative practices, revenue increasing measures, and time-saving tools.

"In these challenging times, travel advisors and agency owners need to have the most professional and robust tools at their disposal to ensure success," said Jackie Friedman, president of Nexion Travel Group. "TIS provides a suite of highly specialized solutions that can help maximize their professionalism, productivity and profitability." 

"The need for professional and knowledgeable travel advisors continues to grow by the day. In addition, changes in the laws and regulations increase the need for compliant solutions to protect their businesses," added Folk. "With our new service, we are offering a simple and affordable way for agents to stay on top in an increasingly competitive market."

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