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Traxo partners with Advantage Travel Partnership and WIN Global Travel Network

Advantage Travel Partnership Chief Executive Officer Julia Lo Bue-Said.

Corporate clients of the TMCs gain full visibility into their business travel spend in real time.

DALLAS/LONDON – Dallas-based Traxo, the global leader in travel data capture and itinerary intelligence, announced that it signed a pair of international travel management company (TMC) consortia: London-based Advantage Travel Partnership is the largest independent travel agent group in the UK, and WIN Global Travel Network, has around 6,000 TMC member locations in 75 countries.  Combined, their total 2019 annual travel spend was over US $15 billion.  

"When the COVID pandemic lockdowns started occurring, corporate travel managers and TMCs worldwide immediately realized they had serious gaps in their business travel data," said Traxo Chief Executive Officer Andres Fabris. "Despite company policy, employees inevitably had booked their travel 'out-of-policy' or 'off-channel,' and therefore, that booking data was invisible during this critical time. 

"As a result, companies had no idea if their employees were stuck in a country that had just closed its borders or had recently returned from a virus 'hot spot,' and needed to be quarantined.  Basically, all the missing travel bookings created a last-minute duty-of-care crisis. Subsequently, the most progressive TMCs realised that the ability to service off-channel bookings can actually become a competitive advantage and create a value-added, revenue-producing service."

Through the new "Traxo for TMCs" offering, Advantage and WIN member TMCs will promote Traxo's travel data capture services to their corporate customers, which will enable the corporations to automatically share all of their business travel data, regardless of booking channel, with their TMCs in real time, enabling their TMCs to provide enhanced traveler duty of care, and better auditing of total corporate travel spend.

Advantage Travel Partnership Chief Executive Officer Julia Lo Bue-Said commented, “We’re delighted that Advantage Travel Partnership, with its 200-plus TMC members and the international WIN Global Travel Network, of which Advantage is the majority shareholder, are Traxo’s first UK partners. Duty of care is higher than ever on travel managers’ agendas, and therefore it's absolutely invaluable for TMCs to be aware of their clients’ employees’ travel itineraries in real time, regardless of whether they were booked by the TMC or not.

“Advantage and WIN are committed to providing access to the most comprehensive portfolio of tools in the market to ensure members can best serve the needs of their clients."

Compared to other corporate travel data capture tools that require travellers to manually forward each confirmation email, Traxo's solution requires no training, action or effort on behalf of the employee.  The travel bookings, including cancellations or trip changes, are automatically captured as they are made, enabling the TMC and the travel manager to immediately react and make adjustments as needed for risk mitigation and cost savings purposes. 

The new "Traxo for TMCs" offering provides corporate travel agencies with GDPR-compliant, seamless access to their clients’ non-TMC booking data. TMCs simply refer their clients to Traxo for implementation, and once live, the non-TMC booking and spend data aggregated by Traxo is instantly available to the corporate's TMC via online reporting tools and API integration. The TMC can then consolidate that additional data into their own applications, analytics, reporting and support services as desired.

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