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Two thirds of Britons now opting for a late deal

Two thirds of Britons now use last minute holiday sites. Only 9% of over 65s would book a late deal online. Women prioritise a discount more than men – at 78% versus 72% of men.

New research released by holiday website reveals that the majority of cash strapped Brits are turning to last minute holiday sites to book a holiday.

Over two thirds of us have used last minute sites (offering discounted holidays that depart within eight weeks) to book a holiday, according to the Omnibus survey of 2000 GB adults by Populus.
Londoners are the most frugal with 65% saying they have used a last minute site to bag a bargain, compared to 54% of those questioned in Scotland. Around half (51%) of respondents in the North West, West Midlands and South West booked last minute.
A group that loses out though is the over 65s, who appear less connected with last minute brands as a whole. 45% of respondents in this age bracket have never used a late deals website, and only 9% said would be their preferred method of booking a holiday.
What’s most important when looking for a late deal?
When asked to rate the importance of different factors when choosing a last minute holiday, despite most last minute sites promoting ‘discounts’, most respondents (88%) said location was the most important factor in their booking, rising to 93% with the over 65s.
So those sites that can provide the best choice of location are certainly set to be the winners this year.
The least emphasis was placed on recommendations from family and friends.
Getting the dates you want was also considered important by a massive 83%, with those aged between 35 and 44 putting more emphasis on this (86%), many of whom have school holiday restrictions, compared to 79% of those of retirement age.

Late deal discounts
When selecting a late deal, the discount amount was the fourth most important factor (just behind airport choice). Discounts are most important to those among the 25-34 age group who tend to be more cash and deal savvy, with 83% deeming it important compared to 67% of the more carefree under 25s.
Women prioritise a discount more than men – at 78% versus 72% of men.
And when it comes to discounts themselves, on average, GB adults expect to get a 40% discount on a late deal website, with women expecting a greater discount than men (41.7 average against 38.2%). While 8% expected to get a discount of more than 60%!
Calum Macdonald from says: “Our research has revealed quite a big difference in requirements based on age and even location.
“The survey has also revealed that the younger generation are much more informed when it comes to securing a bargain, and know where to look and how to get it.
“It doesn’t surprise me that the majority of people are going to last minute sites to book their holiday as times are tough are you are no longer limited when it come to choice and quality as there are holidays to suit everyone.”

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