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U.S, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia named to be the top destinations for adventure and healing

Sedona, Northern Arizona.

According to findings from Psychic Sofa, Sedona in Northern Arizona is one of the most popular destinations around the world, which tourists visit due to its ability to heal people spiritually.

Wanderlusters are looking to book a life-changing adventure that allows them to experience culture and authentic food on a new level, especially as most of us have been unable to travel abroad for a whole year. However, when it comes to booking a holiday outside of the UK, Europe or U.S , we have a tendency to browse destinations that allow us to relax and unwind at the beach or pool. In comparison, others crave something more adventurous, which will enable them to grow spiritually and reconnect with people, and themselves.

According to findings from Psychic Sofa, Sedona in Northern Arizona is one of the most popular destinations around the world, which tourists visit due to its ability to heal people spiritually. The energy vortex found there enhances mediation and can deepen your relationship with your soul. At Michigan's Mackinac Islands, however, calming lake waters, and scenic mountain views allow people to absorb powerful forms of energy so they can relax and connect with nature. Other destinations that are popular to visit in the U.S. are based in Northern California, Arizona, and Oregon. Mount Shasta, Monument Valley and Crater Lake are locations that allow people to experience spiritual awakenings and appreciate life as they take in the high vibrational energies from these natural spots.

Psychic expert at Psychic Sofa, Estella, commented on the top most spiritual locations in America, Canda, New Zealand and Australia:

1. Sedona, Northern Arizona, U.S
“Here, you’ll find resorts and spas, canyons and red rock formations. Bell Rock and Oak Creek Canyon are great hiking spots, and the dramatic architecture of the Chapel of the Holy Cross is a religious experience itself. A true oasis for even the most discerning of travellers and the canyons provide a feeling of such spiritual power that you may find engulfs you giving you the feeling of such divine energy.”

2. Mackinac Island, Michigan, U.S
“If you are a spiritual person then this is a place to allow your senses to be heightened and take in all of earth's natural beauty at once. From the coastline and throughout the island, you will find there is something for everyone.”

3. Mount Shasta, Northern California, U.S
“Many visitors are said to come not just for the open spaces but for the healing and transcendence that the mountain has to offer and is a global gathering site for those seeking spiritual enlightenment.”

4. Monument Valley, Arizona, U.S
“A vast and almost haunting landscape surrounds you and the Navajo Tribes people still live there today. A must see and do place to visit where you will find a strong sense of depth in all that you see bringing out the most heightened of senses.”

5. Crater Lake, Oregon, U.S
“It is the main feature of Crater Lake National Park and is famous for its deep blue color and water clarity and as water is associated with spiritual protection it is a wonderful place for healing the soul.”

6. Kejimkujik National Park, Nova Scotia, Canada
“A place that is truly magical yet very spiritual all at the same time. People from all over come to see the rock engravings known as petroglyphs, and to attest to the presence of the Mi'kmaq people for thousands of years.”

7. The Great Bear Rainforest, British Columbia, Canada
“Being a land of mist shrouded valleys and Fjords, it simply has the allure of being very spiritual and where visitors can easily connect to the spiritual side of what nature has to offer.”

8. Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park (Alberta), Canada
“Writing-on-Stone is a sacred landscape and truly a place of special spiritual significance to the Blackfoot people who hunted and travelled these Great Plains since the beginning of time. Every visitor here feels the sense of inspiration.”

9. Aurora Village (Northwest Territories), Canada
“Here you can experience the majestic and very spiritual Northern Lights, known as the Aurora Borealis, watching the light dance across the northern sky would indeed bring a feeling of such great spiritual connection to the Universe and the earth.”

10. Bon Echo Provincial Park (Ontario), Canada
“A journey where you can deeply connect to your senses and feel the pull of what the lakes have to offer. The shore of the Mazinaw Lake is a great place of spiritual significance with many local myths and legends to be explored.”

11. Cape Reinga, New Zealand
“Cape Reinga, often known by the Maori as Te Rerenga Wairua, meaning 'the leaping off place of spirits' connecting to the Underworld. The Maori believe that the Cape is the place where the spirits of the dead enter the underworld.”

12. Te Whanganui-a-Tara (Wellington Harbour), New Zealand
“According to legend, the harbour was created by two nature guardian spirits, Whataitai (or Hataitai) and Ngake. Whataitai lived in the north of the lake where the harbour now is, and was gentle. Ngake, who lived further south, was more violent.”

13. Mount Taranaki, New Zealand
“Mount Taranaki is the most spectacular sight to behold and a place of spiritual legend too and considered a moderate mountain to climb. It is said that it was coveted by other mountains and a war broke out where it received great wounds and often it is said to be crying out for its long lost love.”

14. Lake Taupo, New Zealand
“They grant the public free access for recreational use and if you visit this beautiful and sacred place, you will likely find that all your cares will likely disappear as you find your spiritual grounding there. A very beautiful and atmospheric place to be and well worth visiting.”

15. Rotorua, New Zealand
“Travelling to this wonderful place will bring a natural approach to restoring wellness of the mind, body, and spirit, and indeed emotional being where you will connect with all living things.”

16. Sacred Kauri Trees, New Zealand
“The Maori people believe that the ancestors of the Kauri Trees created life. Tana Mahuta, also called the God of the Forest, it the oldest of the scared Kauri trees, its age is not really known but it is estimated to be anything up to and around 2,500 years old.”

17. Uluru – ‘The Rock’, Australia
“The rock's caves, cliffs and fissures contain countless petroglyphs that tell many stories of their ancestors. A worthy visit as it is one of Australia's most recognisable and important indigenous sites and natural landmark in Australia and has been a popular destination for tourists since the late 1930s.”

18. Grampians National Park, Australia 
“Because of the dreaming stories and the abundance of food, water and shelter it provides its people celebrate it with high esteem and believe in its healing and spiritual connections to mother earth and the beauty of the flora and fauna. A fantastic place to go to to enjoy all that it has to offer for the soul.”

19. Black Mountain, Australia 
“There have been numerous reports of the appearance of spirits or human like shadows, strange noises and very peculiar air and magnetic disturbances reported by pilots that have been flying over the area as well as claims of sightings of extraterrestial activity.”

Canada is another popular destination amongst travellers, as the majority of their tourists seeking spirituality visit ancient forests and national parks based in Nova Scotia and British Columbia. Kejimkujik and The Great Bear Rainforest is known for its starry skies, lodges and beautiful scenery which allows visitors to find inner peace and absorb nature's natural healing properties, while disconnecting from the online world and connecting with the present. At Provincial Park, Aurora Village and Bon Echo Provincial Park, individuals can find waterfalls, riverside views and plant life, making them perfect places to set intentions, learn from the spirits and receive their messages.  

Other locations that are on any wanderluster’s list are Australia and New Zealand, because of their golden beaches, summer-like weather and beautiful accents. Tourists love to go down under and experience more than just the Aussie and Kiwi ways of life, as they want to reap the benefits of connecting with the Mauri and Aboriginal people’s culture. Travellers can connect with the artistry, heritage and beauty of these ancient cultures and learn much in the way of values, love and family while visiting these beautiful places.

Spiritualist at Psychic Sofa, Estella, shares the benefits of visiting the spiritual spots and how this can help people: “Human spirituality goes back thousands of years, and visiting places that our ancestors found spiritually significant can help us to connect to the universe by getting away from the city and bringing us closer to nature. Many of these locations have a lot of mystery and history associated with them, marking them as important places where the human world meets the spiritual world – they are perfect locations for anyone wanting to experience their own spiritual awakening.”

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