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Atlantis 2000 acquires US expertise

Tour operator Atlantis 2000<.> has proceeded with plans to take over the firm…

Tour operator Atlantis 2000<.> has proceeded with plans to take over the firm Amerikios Holidays as part of its expansion into new markets and aims to provide its clients with comprehensive service.

Amerikios Holidays has been operating since 1994 and specialises in all-inclusive travel packages for the US, offering top-quality service.

Atlantis 2000 now has a US travel department and a relevant price catalogue is due to be released so that travel agents can take advantage of the full range of services offered at reasonable prices.

Ilias Lambrakis heads Atlantis 2000 while Nikos Pourliakas manages the commercial department and Anita Miropoulou oversees the US travel section.

Lambrakis noted that by acquiring Amerikios Holidays, Atlantis 2000 has strengthened its position in the tourism market as well as expanded and upgraded its US travel services all of which benefit the clients of both firms.

Pourliakas stated that the wider range of services now offered by the company would assist to meet the needs of clients and at better rates due to an associated decrease in expenses.

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