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Colorado Tourism Office unveils 2003 advertising campaign

The Colorado<.> Tourism Office (CTO) unveiled its 2003 advertising campaign at the 2002 Governor’s Tourism Conference in…

The Colorado<.> Tourism Office (CTO) unveiled its 2003 advertising campaign at the 2002 Governor’s Tourism Conference in Grand Junction.

The print campaign, which kicks off in February 2003, is part of the CTO’s 2003 integrated marketing plan and includes ads that capture the essence of Colorado with vibrant words and images. The ads feature stunning Colorado settings, punctuated by a single word in large print that is surrounded by smaller copy.

For example, one ad showcases a log cabin nestled among trees under a blanket of stars and reads: It’s like singing a LULLABY to your inner child. The tag says: Scenery, adventure, history, arts, culture, big cities, small towns, a big glass of warm milk and a kiss on the forehead for your stressed-out soul. For details on unique, wonderful places to sleep, eat, relax or adventure — including some that may surprise you — visit COLORADO.COM or call 1-800-COLORADO.

Another ad features a raft charging down a river with the headline: The phrase WEE-HOOIE somehow leaps to mind. The subtext reads: Scenery, adventure, history, arts, culture, big cities, small towns, a cold splash in the face and a life-changing plunge into the good stuff. For details on whitewater rafting and other Colorado adventures — including some that may surprise you — visit or call 1-800-COLORADO.

Other ads apply the same treatment to various state attractions and activities such as mountain climbing, canoeing, and historic train rides.

The year-round campaign targets three travel markets: families, affluent, passionate travelers and active/outdoor enthusiasts, and is designed to inspire consumers to consider a Colorado vacation and to drive them to the Web site for more detailed planning information. The ads will appear in national and regional magazines and are aimed at the state’s key geographic target markets: Albuquerque, Dallas, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Omaha, and Salt Lake City.

We know who we want to reach, where they live and what influences their travel choices, said Sarah MacQuiddy, chair of the CTO Board. According to research, our consumers want to see ordinary people doing ordinary activities in Colorado’s extraordinary settings. These ads bring potential visitors as close to Colorado as you can get from the printed page.

Extensions of the campaign include Internet banner ads and newspaper inserts. The advertising campaign also offers opportunities for the CTO to partner with other tourism industry members on media buys, expanding the reach and cost-effectiveness of the campaign. These full-page co-op advertisements feature a scenic shot of Colorado. The headline reads So much COLORADO, so little time and will include smaller, inset ads from two to six industry partners along the bottom half of the page.

In addition to print advertising, the marketing plan includes proactive public relations efforts to keep Colorado top-of-mind among the news media and consumers. Expanded tactics include a Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) program, which allows the CTO to speak directly to consumers via an opt-in monthly e-newsletter and an additional opt-in e-mail about upcoming events and festivals.

Tourism is one of Colorado’s leading industries, employing more than 200,000 Colorado workers in 2000. In 2001, Colorado was one of the few states to experience an increase in marketable travel. Overnight visitors spent $7 billion, or $19 million per day.

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