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FLO launches two new membership offerings

FLO Corporation, a Registered Traveler (RT) services provider, announced the launch of two new membership offerings, a host of available added-value benefits, and a new Website designed to provide members with access to products and services that will improve the travel experience in today’s increasingly challenging air services marketplace. The announcement strengthens FLO’s standing as the only public company focused exclusively on RT.

The memberiships announced are the value-packed Gold Ambassador membership card and the Platinum Ambassador card.

FLO Chief Executive Officer Glenn Argenbright stated, “FLO celebrates with its members and partners an important milestone in its corporate development strategy. We have a large backlog of corporate accounts that we have been working to enroll and, over the last several weeks, we’ve seen a notable uptick in activity in Atlanta, New York, San Francisco, and San Jose. In working with our corporate customers, we found that they were looking for additional value beyond the security lane.  We responded with a business model centered on an open benefits platform, allowing us to bring unique and innovative products and services to our members well beyond the basic RT offerings currently available.”  

Global Travel Services and Workplace Resources Manager for NetApp Susan Dupart added, “RT is one of the few opportunities to move passengers expeditiously into the secure sides of airports supporting TSA safety and security missions while helping business travelers recapture the productivity that has been lost in the post 9-11 era. We need a financially strong and innovative RT industry to achieve a critical mass of RT members and success at the national level. FLO’s next-generation RT 2.0 solution should help ensure the program’s success.”