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Rhenus has entered a strategic alliance with Kamino

Rhenus acquires new partner in the USA

The Rhenus Group is expanding its service portfolio in the USA: The Freight Logistics business area launched a partnership with the American Division of transportation and logistics service provider Kamino in May 2009.

Rhenus has entered a strategic alliance with Kamino who have twelve branches in the USA: in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York (JFK), Newark, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington DC. Like Rhenus, Kamino provides the complete range of logistics services: from air freight, sea freight and overland traffic to distribution, US domestic traffic, warehousing and supply chain management and even value added services. Kamino is a licensed Customs House Broker and provides a special feature in the shape of Remote Location Filing, a pilot project in cooperation with the US Customs Services, which allows a consignment to receive customs clearance anywhere in the United States electronically, regardless of where the consignment has arrived. It goes without saying that Kamino is a member of the Transport Security Administration system and meets the requirements for T-CPAT (Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism).  

The Rhenus and Kamino networks of locations complement each other perfectly to form a forward-looking partnership. Lutz Welter, COO for Sea Freight at Rhenus, summarizes the advantages of this cooperation in this way: “This partnership opens up access to one of the most important markets in the world for all Rhenus countries, which previously were only able to offer customers a limited USA network. The existing partnership links, which some Rhenus countries enjoy, are not affected by this.”
Certain characteristics were also the major reason why the American partner opted for this partnership. Rhenus’ extensive expertise and its dense European and Asian network of locations: “Our cooperation with Rhenus now gives us access to markets, which we have not covered in the past,” says Bob Snelson, CEO USA Division at Kamino. “The arrangement with Rhenus not only provides us with concentrated services in Western and Southern Europe, but also opens up the market in Eastern Europe and Asia.”

Rhenus offers its customers the US Customs Automated Manifest System (AMS), a procedure for transmitting loading data to the US Customs Services electronically. Rhenus also has its own contracts with shipping companies and provides its own collection container services and air freight consolidation services in conjunction with Kamino.

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