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THETRADESHOW to focus on home-based education

In keeping with the theme of specialized education, the second day of this year’s THETRADESHOW (Sept. 9-11, Las Vegas) will focus on the needs of home-based travel agents. The result is a curriculum that will…

In keeping with the theme of specialized education, the second day of this year’s THETRADESHOW (Sept. 9-11, Las Vegas) will focus on the needs of home-based travel agents. The result is a curriculum that will provide home-based agents with unique educational opportunities that will extend past Monday’s Home-based Agent Recognition Day throughout the entire three-day event.

“For home-based agents, a trade show such as this, with meaningful and relevant education framed within the context of the home-based agency business, is an economic necessity not a luxury,” said Joanie Ogg, CTC, MCC, president, National Association of Commissioned Travel Agents (NACTA).

Seminars focusing on the home-based travel industry that have already been scheduled are:

Should I Go Solo or Work Through A Host Agency? (Panel). Moderated by Gary Fee. Six panelists—three host agencies and three independent agencies—will discuss the pros and cons of working with a host agency, being an independent agency and working both ways. This panel will prove to be a lively debate that will help the audience with travel business decisions.

The Home-Based Agency-Taking Your Business to the Next Level. Presented by Gary Fee. This seminar is targeted to agents who are already selling travel from home, but want to learn more business options that will help their home-based business grow. Among the topics to be discussed are legal issues for home-based agents, use of Web sites, e-commerce, database systems, supplier recognition and the future for home-based sellers of travel.

How to Write and Execute an Effective Business Plan That Can Grow Your Sales 20% per Year! Presented by Mark McMullen, CTC. Attendees will learn the importance of having a written marketing and business plan, the steps involved in developing a solid promotional plan, and be given a real-world example that works.

What Are the Technology Needs for the Home-Based Agent? (Panel). Successful home-based agents will discuss which technologies have helped them become more efficient and profitable. Attendees will hear first-hand about their daily routine and the products these thriving home-based agents use – from phone systems, PDAs, printers, software and much more.

Home Alone? Legal Guidance for the Home-Based Agent. This seminar is designed to help home-based agents with both elementary and more complex legal issues. Advice will be given on topics such as: accounting issues, federal standards, registering with the state, new laws, accepting cash and checks in your own name and disclaimers.

Home-Based Travel Agents – Your Tool Chest for Success. Presented by Joanie Ogg, CTC, MCC. Marketing a home-based travel business requires a unique set of tools and a focused direction. In this seminar attendees will discuss such hot issues as which technology tools are key to a home-based business, how to create a business identity and how to take advantage of modern communication trends and a home-based agent’s mobility to create a successful business.

There Really Is No Place Like Home! Presented by Joanie Ogg, CTC, MCC. (Offered on Sunday, Sept. 9) Owning and operating a home-based travel business in the 21st century is a gold-mine of opportunity. Any agent thinking about becoming a home-based agent cannot afford to miss this presentation. Topics that will be covered include: being a hosted agent or going it alone; setting up a home office; and finding your travel passion and what you need to succeed in order to sell travel from the comfort of your home.

Monday’s general session is also specifically designed for home-based agents. Among the scheduled speakers is Bob Abrams, best-selling author of Seizing Your Success, who will address the importance of focus and systems as it relates to running a successful business.

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