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Worldspan integrates negotiated fares into e-Pricing

Worldspan<.> announced the integration of negotiated fares into Worldspan e-Pricing, the company’s server-based…

Worldspan<.> announced the integration of negotiated fares into Worldspan e-Pricing, the company’s server-based fare search technology behind Power Products. The e-Pricing engine now processes published fares plus Airline Tariff Publishing Company (ATPCO) Category 15 airline-filed private fares. The enhancement enables Worldspan Power Products to deliver more negotiated fares for dramatically more itinerary choices. Worldspan is the first global distribution system with a server-based fare shopping engine to incorporate ATPCO-filed private fares during fare searches.

With the addition of negotiated fares to e-Pricing, Worldspan continues to strengthen our industry-leading Fares and Pricing technology, raising the quality of fare and flight availability to new levels, commented Sue Powers, senior vice president — Worldwide Product Solutions for Worldspan. Today’s announcement is the first step in integrating all Worldspan negotiated fares solutions into the e-Pricing engine, offering travel sellers the fullest- possible range of fare choices for their customers.

For fast, complete low-fare searches, Power Products currently combines the full range of Worldspan SecuRate Air negotiated fare solutions. Power Products also integrates e-Pricing technology with additional forms of private fares, including Category 25 Fare by Rule fares, Category 35 Net-Net fares, and Worldspan’s renowned SecuRate Direct fares, for even greater itinerary choices.

Worldspan was the first global distribution system to offer a non-mainframe-based fare pricing system. E-Pricing’s server-based technology utilizes millions of fares and hundreds of thousands of fare combinations to provide definitive low-fare searches and an unprecedented selection of price options. E-Pricing is integrated into Worldspan’s Power Product suite, giving Worldspan Power customers the highest level search capabilities available.

Versatile and highly scaleable, Worldspan e-Pricing can be customized to fit the needs of any travel seller, from small leisure agencies to the largest travel management companies and online travel sites. In addition to distributors, travel suppliers benefit from e-Pricing’s advanced searching capabilities, as more of their product offerings are accessible to customers.