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Zoox Smart Data launches new partnership program for enterprise networking companies

Network hardware and software providers now have an opportunity to expand their product offerings with the proven data collection and strategic marketing platform from Zoox.

ALPHARETTA, GA – Zoox Smart Data, an international provider of technological solutions that harness big data to build customer profiles from existing Wi-Fi networks, announced the launch of its new partnership program. Network hardware and software companies now have the ability to partner with Zoox to provide property clients with more access to guest and customer data than ever before.

“As a global technology company, we are excited to provide these organizations with an opportunity to partner with Zoox and expand their product offerings through our platform,” said Bernardo Robles Garduño, partner and customer success international manager for Zoox Smart Data. “After as little as an hour of installation, our platform can help properties all over the world fine-tune their marketing efforts through a higher level of data collection and marketing strategy.”

While the Zoox platform starts with data collection, it's also about effectively capturing, augmenting and using the data to strategically and effectively market to guests and customers to improve and enhance their experience. Additionally, the Zoox platform is scalable and flexible enough to work with clients ranging from single properties to global brands and management companies, and its data security team provides ongoing support to ensure compliance no matter where they are located across the globe.

Through the partnership program, Zoox Smart Data has the ability to work with enterprise networking companies or the properties themselves – whether a hotel, resort, casino, restaurant, stadium, airport, retail establishment, healthcare facility, college campus, or other area or venue that allows customers or guests to access a Wi-Fi network. Zoox can seamlessly work directly with a property’s Wi-Fi company (or companies) as a partner to easily add its data and marketing platform to their existing network so they can start capturing guest or customer data at a much higher level, and truly target strategic marketing efforts in a highly effective manner.

“By listening to our own clients – technology partners and property owners, brands and management companies alike – we were able to build this new partnership program,” said Sandy James, director of business development – hospitality at Zoox Smart Data. “We created sustainable partnership agreements, added new functionality, and provided further added value to what our partners can offer. Today properties have more access to guest and customer data than ever before, and this new program is a great opportunity for our partners to expand their product offerings and increase their revenue.”

Zoox is looking for new partners as it continues its global expansion. For those technology providers interested in participating in the Zoox Partnership Program for the added value they can offer their clients, please contact the Zoox Smart Data Partnership Team.

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