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Cusco’s new ‘Double Rainbow’ visual identity embraces inclusion to boost tourism

  • JTA Travel Group Executive Dave Green

After the impact of the global landscape on the local economy, the initiative empowers local businesses while introducing a new inclusive branding for Peru’s cultural capital.

The global landscape of the last 3 years has impacted Peru and the economy of its tourist capital, Cusco. In fact, the number of visitors has plummeted by 90%. Among those tourists, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, who are interested in not just the historic and local attractions, but also in what appears to be city’s inclusivity Cusco’s official rainbow flag, waving on every corner of the town, bears a close resemblance to the Pride flag. But every June during Pride month, it becomes clear that Cusco may not be inclusive as it seems when tensions arise with conservative people.

That´s why Inca Kola, Coca-Cola’s leading brand in Peru, one focused on bringing people together in “a Peru that pleases us” – is now encouraging citizens to embrace diversity with an initiative inspired by one of Cusco’s natural wonders: the double rainbow.

The new logo and visual identity incorporate both the Cusco and Pride rainbows, signaling those businesses that open their arms to the LGBTQIA+ community. This idea, created with McCann Lima, is now featured in signs on 80% of small shops, restaurants, hotels and tourist spaces where workers have been trained in the best inclusion practices related to colleagues or clients of the community thanks to a partnership with PRESENTE, an NGO that works for the rights of LGBTQIA+ people developing projects for them in the country.

The new design identity was also incorporated into a print and digital tourist guide that highlights these businesses, giving them more visibility among the LGBTQIA+ community and allies.

“This initiative opened my business, and it opened my mind,” said Reynaldo Monzón from Fuego Burgers and BBQ restaurant.

Emilia Villamarín, Coca-Cola Marketing Director for Ecuador and Peru, added, “Our focus is on inspire people to come together. That’s why we are sharing this initiative with PRESENTE to show that the peaceful coexistence between cusqueños and visitors should be as natural as the double rainbows that we see in the capital of the Inca empire. We also hope that reflects how diversity can be a powerful business engine for Cusco entrepreneurs and tourism.”

The campaign continues Inca Kola’s previous efforts to bring the community together around a double rainbow theme. Last year, the brand tapped two Peruvian artists to create a double rainbow mural in a prominent area of the city, aimed at reflecting the differences that enrich people. “Now PRESENTE will be in charge of the initiative to keep the work ahead and lead it,” added Villamarín.

Christian Caldwell, McCann Lima’s Chief Creative Officer, said that “with this campaign, Inca Kola puts action behind its words. The brand has long supported an inclusive society, but now it has made a permanent contribution that plays a meaningful role in people´s lives, since through collective power it is helping to build an identity, a culture that integrates diversity and consider tools that will help prosper the community and businesses.”

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