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RDB Hospitality expands luxury services with addition of Lenox VIP Global


The premier travel agency is expanding into luxury transportation with addition of Lenox VIP Global.

MIAMI, FL – RDB Hospitality, a leading hospitality management and specialized travel agency, is expanding its services into luxury transportation with the addition of Lenox VIP Global, extending its international presence and setting new standards in luxury hospitality.

Led by seasoned experts Rob Dellibovi and JR Gil, the collaboration merges the worlds of strategic precision and bespoke service to create a global transportation experience where luxury meets reliability. Lenox VIP Global ensures safety with the latest in road safety technology and highly skilled drivers, offering peace of mind to every passenger. Privacy is paramount at Lenox, with stringent internal and external policies in place to safeguard the confidentiality of clients throughout their service.

JR Gil, with a distinguished military career in the United States Army, brings precision and discipline to operations, ensuring seamless and stress-free journeys for all clients. Rob Dellibovi brings over two decades of hospitality experience, having developed marketing and revenue strategies for leading industry names since 2003 and managing a global portfolio of over 140 properties.

“This partnership is transformative. Joining forces with Lenox VIP Global expands our global reach and enhances the quality of our services, delivering standout experiences that exceed our clients’ expectations,” said Dellibovi. “Our mission is to elevate the transportation experience with unmatched luxury and precision. By combining military discipline with hospitality, we are forging a premier service unlike any other,” said Gil.

RDB Hospitality, a one-stop shop in hospitality, is an IATAN accredited travel management, concierge and events firm, arranging hotel and travel accommodations as well as dining, nightlife, event production and assistant’s work for Fortune 500 companies/executives, high-net-worth individuals, celebrities, festivals, sports teams, athletes, associations and touring recording artists.

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