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Sky Lagoon appoints IMAGINE PR as US representative

Sky Lagoon, entrance

IMAGINE PR is now the US Public Relations Representative for Sky Lagoon, a luxurious Icelandic spa that integrates local traditions and design to offer a unique sensory experience.

NEW YORK, NY – IMAGINE PR has been designated as the US Public Relations Representative for Sky Lagoon, a luxurious Icelandic spa located on the outermost tip of Kársnes in Kópavogur. The experience is uniquely local, drawing inspiration from the nation’s traditions and design to create a peaceful oasis in the urban landscape of Iceland’s second-largest settlement.

Sky Lagoon offers a sensory experience, combining the salty scent of the Atlantic Ocean, the soothing sounds of wildlife and ocean tides, and the warmth of geothermal waters. The lagoon’s 230-foot infinity edge provides breathtaking views, with the contrast between the pink skies during the midnight sun in summer and the magnificent night sky in winter. Visitors can also witness the enchanting Northern Lights dancing across the sky and enjoy views of the ancient 700,000-year-old Snæfellsjökull glacier on the neighboring peninsula.

Sky Lagoon

The transformative seven-step Ritual at Sky Lagoon provides a healing experience deeply rooted in tradition. The ritual starts in the infinity lagoon, promoting relaxation for the mind and body. Following a soak in the geothermal water, guests can enjoy a revitalizing dip in the spa’s cold pool. The third step involves using the sauna to open pores, eliminate toxins, and purify the skin. Guests can then move on to a cold-mist space for rejuvenation and renewed energy. The fifth step of the ritual incorporates Sky’s distinctive sea-salt scrub, accompanied by a massage with circular motions. Step six involves spending time in the steam room to enhance the treatment and aid in moisturizing, healing, and hydrating the skin. The seven-step ritual concludes with a shower and a final soak in the infinity lagoon with a stunning ocean view.


Cold plunge pool.

From the geothermal water and prime location to the vendors and seven-step Ritual, every detail of Sky Lagoon was meticulously crafted to preserve and honor Icelandic tradition, heritage, and history. The turf houses at Sky Lagoon pay homage to the ancient building techniques brought by Iceland’s settlers, who used heavy swamp turf to create well-insulated homes capable of withstanding harsh North Atlantic conditions. This traditional method, known for providing warmth and shelter through extreme weather, is revived at Sky Lagoon to offer guests a cozy and authentic Icelandic experience.

Another design feature is the cold plunge, inspired by the ancient Snorralaug in Reykholt, one of Iceland’s oldest known natural pools. Named after the historian, politician, and poet Snorri Sturluson, this pool, made entirely of hewn stones, influences Sky Lagoon’s cold plunge. These thoughtfully integrated elements ensure that Sky Lagoon remains deeply connected to Icelandic culture and history while offering a modern spa experience.

Sky Lagoon


Visitors can enjoy a variety of amenities including an in-lagoon bar, restaurant, and gift shop. At Lagoon Bar, nestled in a cave at the lagoon’s edge, visitors can enjoy Icelandic beers or local cocktails while taking in the sea-meets-sky view. Sky Café offers fresh, healthy meals in a simple, rustic Icelandic style, perfect for refueling after the lagoon. For a more immersive culinary experience, Smakk Bar features food and drink options that highlight the island’s diverse flavors, offering a step-by-step tasting journey paired with local beverages, creating an unforgettable conclusion to the Sky Lagoon experience.

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