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Collaboration is key to continued success for Tourism & Hospitality, study finds

93% of respondents say collaboration with other organizations is part of their business strategy.

CANANDAIGUA, N.Y. – As the travel and tourism industry continues to change and new challenges arise, now more than ever the key to tackling the industry’s biggest problems is a collaborative mindset. How organizations take control of the problems of today determines their success at dealing with the issues of tomorrow, and understanding the need for partnership helps shape future prosperity. This is the premise of a study led by Break the Ice Media and conducted by Audience Audit to measure the impact of collaboration on the travel, tourism and hospitality industry, the results of which will be released in a webinar on March 1, 2023.

Break the Ice Media and its research partner, Audience Audit, set out to build on its previous research to better understand the extent to which industry professionals operationalize collaboration. The study seeks to identify the different types of collaborative strategies being used in the industry, how attitudes and opinions shape perspectives when it comes to collaborations with other organizations, and how organizations are integrating collaboration into their daily, weekly, monthly, and annual plans.

“By proactively weaving collaboration into your organization’s operational strategy, doors open to a wealth of new opportunities,” commented Nicole Mahoney, CEO of Break the Ice Media and host of the podcast Destination on the Left. “Our hope is the results of this study will provide insights to help future-proof our industry.”

By understanding how organizations approach collaboration, the study aims to address the question of how to optimize industry partnerships. In understanding how collaborative efforts help to address the most complex problems facing the industry, from workforce challenges to sustainability and climate change, organizations can better prepare for anything the future holds.

  • 93% of respondents say collaboration with other organizations is part of their business strategy. The study identified three types of collaborators within the industry, each one with a unique perspective on the benefits, risks and challenges of partnership with another organization. The study also found that over half of respondents plan on increasing their collaborations in the upcoming year, a sign they recognize its importance for growth and recovery.
  • 87% of study respondents showed agreement that an open-minded approach is essential to successful collaborations, and
  • 80% showed agreement that collaborations can result in operational benefits for the collaborating organizations.
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