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Global Blue launches its first Sustainability Barometer for international shoppers


Global Blue’s first sustainability barometer shows 79% of international shoppers are concerned about sustainability, influencing purchasing decisions notably in luxury and fashion sectors.

Global Blue is releasing its first sustainability barometer for international shoppers. This endeavor aims to gauge the sustainability concerns and habits of international shoppers annually. The study, conducted among 60,000 international shoppers from 12 countries, revealed that sustainability is a significant concern among international shoppers, with 79% of shoppers feeling concerned about sustainability topics.

Sustainability, a Key Driver Shaping International Shoppers’ Purchasing Decisions

The Global Blue study revealed that sustainability influences the buying decisions of international shoppers in luxury and fashion. A substantial 69% of shoppers consider sustainability an important or determining factor in their purchases. This is even more pronounced among younger generations, with 75% of international Gen Z shoppers viewing sustainability as an important or determining factor.

An even higher share of international shoppers (82%) is more inclined to purchase from luxury and fashion brands with sustainability commitments, while for the remaining 18%, it has no influence. Additionally, the findings showed that most shoppers are willing to invest more in products from brands with sustainable commitments, with 7 in 10 shoppers indicating their willingness to pay more for such products.

Sustainable and Second-Hand Products: Preferences and Purchasing Drivers

Global Blue’s insights reveal that sustainable Fashion and Clothing, as well as Watches and Jewelry, are the top categories in terms of willingness to buy. Specifically, 73% of international shoppers indicated they would purchase sustainable luxury Fashion and Clothing items, while 60% expressed a willingness to buy sustainable luxury Watches and Jewelry items. This trend is even higher for high spenders, by up to 15 to 20 points.

Not only are international shoppers willing to buy sustainable products, but half of them also bought second-hand items, with adoption levels varying significantly by nationality. US shoppers rank number one in this category.

Certifications and labels are positively valued to help identify these sustainable products. However, they are not key purchasing factors, with only 26% of international shoppers considering them as very important in their purchasing decisions for sustainable luxury and fashion products.

Shaping Brand Perception, The Impact of Sustainability on International Shoppers

International shoppers hold a positive view of luxury and fashion brands that promote their commitment to sustainability, with 76% of international shoppers perceiving these brands favorably. Global Blue’s insights also revealed that the majority of respondents are aware about the different sustainability initiatives undertaken by luxury and fashion brands, though awareness levels vary. When it comes to sustainability priorities for travelers, Ethics, Transparency and Supply Chain Accountability stand out as the top focus areas.

Global Blue Launches its First Pilot with Gold Standard to Fund Climate Action

Beyond this first Barometer, Global Blue has launched a pilot project that offers Tax Free Shoppers the option to use part of their refund to fund climate action. Over the last two months, after receiving their refund, customers were sent an email inviting them to donate via Gold Standard, a certification body ensuring environmental integrity and sustainable development. This pilot, which has already reached close to 250,000 shoppers, is a first milestone. Starting next year, Global Blue plans to fully integrate this giving option into their refund process, providing a faster and smoother way for Tax Free Shoppers to donate.

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