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Hawaii witnessed a whopping 6.8m. tourists in 2022

Surfing in Kona (Island of Hawaii, credit: Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) / Kirk Aeder).

With the push of tourist boards, initiatives by the government, and variations in industrial tour types the market is expected to grow beyond limits and become one of the integral tourist attractions amongst the world.

As per the latest update, Hawaii tourism market witnessed 6.8 million visitors in the year 2021. Most of the outbound visitors travelled via air or cruise making them a popular mode of transportation. Ever since the past years, the industry is experiencing an upward trend. The tourism increased at a prolific CAGR since 2009 compared to the revenue passengers flown. The overseas airline spending and capacity, out of state cruise spending and capacity, etc., affect the direct suppliers, thereby affecting the tourism market.

Hawaii comprises of six major islands which are significantly dependent on airlines. Due to this reason, there exists a high degree of competition among the individual island markets. This led to an increasing average fare so far.

The COVID-19 pandemic gravely affected the Hawaii tourism market. Hawaii’s cruise industry continued to be impacted by the global pandemic. According to reports, there were no cruise ship activities in 2021. During this period, the tourism market witnessed an overall reduction in the number of visitors which further led to big changes. In the post pandemic period, the recovery has been taking place at an increasing rate. Furthermore, it is estimated that the industry will witness historical arrival of visitors and spending in nominal terms. As per the analysis, the recovery rate in the later periods i.e., 2023-onwards is expected to accelerate at a much faster pace.

With the push of tourist boards, initiatives by the government, and variations in industrial tour types the market is expected to grow beyond limits and become one of the integral tourist attractions amongst the world.

As per the latest findings of Future Market Insights, Hawaii tourism revenue is expected to be US$ 17,487.3 Million by the end of 2023. In the long-term, the tourism is estimated to reach at around US$ 28,485.0 Million in 2033.

What are the Driving Factors Boosting the Hawaii Tourism Market?

All tourism destinations are climate sensitive to a degree

Hawaii experiences various type of climates depending on factors such as altitudes, surroundings etc. The lively, tropical weather attracts a huge number of tourists year around. Moreover, when it gets cold during the winter season, this place becomes an increasingly popular attraction.

However, the recent climate crisis is leading to extreme weather events. With the melting of ice caps and severe heat conditions, Hawaii is constantly witnessing frequent storms, comparatively higher temperatures which is indeed possessing a threat to the tourism industry.

How is Advancement in Infrastructural Facilities a Game Changer for Market Growth?

Infrastructure is the key to develop a successful tourism destination

With the advancement of technology, more and more infrastructural facilities are being developed in Hawaii. The excellent infrastructure plays a key role in tourism industry as Hawaii provides good quality accommodation, ease in connectivity to the visitors, thereby making it a popular attraction.

Further, the government has also contributed its share by launching projects and policies to create a feasible wastewater system and developing more bridges to improve connectivity. These factors act as a major driver for tourism.

What are the Emerging Trends in Hawaii Tourism Industry?

The tourism sector is witnessing some new trends that are supplementing the established trends

Over the past years, Hawaii has evolved to become a diverse and fascinating place with a prominent culture across the globe. Tourism is the highest contributor to the local economy of this place. Just like rest of the word, the pandemic took a toll on this tourist destination as well, thus affecting the livelihood of major section of the population. The industry witnessed a severely limited tourism from late march 2020 to mid-October 2020. Despite of this, in the current scenario, the industry is growing remarkably and is expecting a greater number of international arrivals by the end of 2030.

The increasing number of visitors offers various opportunities and challenges for different communities. One significant advantage of tourism sector is generation of employment opportunities. As per the recent findings, tourism supported over 216,000 jobs in the year 2019. Further, utilizing the resources efficiently and upgrading the tourism product (hotels, attractions etc.) will provide opportunities for continued growth and development. In the long run, the forecast estimates increased arrivals during shoulder periods i.e., April-May and October-November.

What Tourist Type has Contributed Most to the Hawaii Tourist Market?

Domestic as well as relative geographical proximity makes up the largest group of inbound travelers to the islands

US domestic visitors dominated the market for numerous tourism activities. In the year 2021, Hawaii observed the highest arrivals from US West which was significantly greater than the number of arrivals in the year 2020 followed by US East. These travelers are those that are interested in natural environment, eco-tourism and envision following sustainable practices. Further, Japan is also the largest international market for Hawaii’s tourism due to economic and historical relations.

Which Group Is More Likely To Travel Overseas?

Millennials like to travel the most followed closely by Generation Z

Hawaii which is well known for its volcanoes, highest peaks, wildlife and natural landscapes attracts most of the adult population from various parts of the world. The age group between 18-29 years old is most likely to possess a major share of the travelers. Majority of these visitors plan their own trips to new, adventurous locations. While the crucial factor affecting tourism for the designated age group is the natural beauty and the soothing beaches, recent findings also conclude that they are attracted to the historical culture and customs as well.

Which Tour Type Will have the Maximum Number of Travelers during the Forecast Period?

There will be a surge in the number of independent travelers

The majority of travelers are youth groups and couples who prefer vacations for leisure and recreational purpose. In the year 2021, the number of air visitors was 176% higher as compared to 2020 with an increasing contribution from domestic youth visitors and a decreasing share from international groups. Every 8 out of 10 US East air visitors during the period 2021 came for a vacation which accounts for almost 78.9% overall.

Which Booking Channel do Tourist in the Market Prefer?

Online booking channels lead the booking channel segmentation

Travelers enjoy their vacations, but for many, it becomes a tedious task due to the planning strategies. Before buying travel tickets, lodging, tours, or any other additional services, it typically takes a lot of time and effort to research and make the accurate selection. But there’s no denying that the existence of internet travel agents has surely given customers access to more options while simultaneously reducing the time consumed.

Comparative Landscape

Different travel agencies across the globe are using extensive marketing techniques in order to attract the tourists. The middle-aged groups that plan the single trips often prefer no package travel to reduce the expenditure incurred without compromising the quality of travel facilities.

Additionally, the Hawaiian tourism authority also provides relevant information including accommodation, cruise, airlines, and attractions. Thereby, aiding to the successful tour and ease in planning.

Moreover, with the growing use of social media platforms among various age groups, these agencies also target tourists through aggressive marketing and campaigns on these platforms. For instance, thrillophilia.com offers a customizable tour package which attracts a lot of tourists from diverse groups and types.


These insights are based on a report on Hawaii Tourism Market by Future Market Insights.

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