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European aviation industry hails the inclusion of SAF as a strategic decarbonisation technology in the EU’s Net Zero Industry Act

Through Destination 2050, announced in early 2021, the European aviation industry was the first in the world to commit to

The EES system will be a game changer for how the EU’s borders are managed. There are, however, a number

A4E, ACI Europe and IATA support getting away from testing passengers as a way to track COVID-19. In this regard,

Prioritise preparations and set a date to make the Digital Green Certificate a reality.

Industry leaders urge Commission to advance an EU Pact for Sustainable Aviation in 2021.

2019 estimated payments under EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) 590m. (+59% vs 2018); Total ETS payments (2013-2018) over 1.3 billion

First strike of the year follows 30 ATC strike days in 2018, with millions of travellers affected.

In the first half of 2018, EU travellers were subjected to an unprecedented 29 Air Traffic Control (ATC) strike days