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24 strike days in 2018 have caused 5,000 flight cancellations and thousands of delays, affecting millions of travellers.

The primary focus of the EU Aviation Strategy is developing connectivity through the establishment of comprehensive new aviation agreements with

A4E welcomes European Commission’s efforts to enhance airspace efficiency and connectivity.

Before joining IATA in 2011, Achim worked for German air navigation service provider DFS as Senior Consultant and Regional Manager. 

A4E’s campaign on airport charges is all about boosting the bottom line of the major European airlines – which A4E

Last week’s strike resulted in 300 flight cancellations and 130,000 minutes of delay. Proactive flight cancellations necessary to reduce passengers’

Since 2004, two-thirds of all European ATC strike days took place in France. ATC strikes in France decrease the connectivity

Poor planning of Air Traffic Control (ATC) resources and capacity constraints leave European travellers with more than two million delay

IATA and A4E, ACI Europe, ERA Association and AIRE have written to the European Council of Ministers to express its

Border controls understaffed to comply with tightened EU Regulation on external border checks. Airports in Spain, France, Italy, Belgium and