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AHLA's survey shows a positive trend in hotel stays for 2024, with inflation impacting travel decisions but hotels remaining the

The new platform will allow increased access to scholarship opportunities, supporting the future of hospitality and diversifying the talent pipeline.

For a sixth year, the contract will increase the number of available apprenticeships in the hotel and lodging industry.

The AHLA Foundation, the charitable arm of the American Hotel & Lodging Association, works to support the hotel and lodging

Through the empowering youth program, AHLA Foundation aims to bridge the hiring gap in the hotel sector.

ForWard reflects the industry’s commitment to investing in talent, creating a platform to increase the representation of women in

The trainings, funded by the AHLA Foundation, are part of an ongoing industry-wide initiative to combat human trafficking.

Inaugural grants underscore the hotel industry’s ongoing commitment and work to prevent human trafficking and support survivors.

Council members will help guide hotel industry’s fight against human trafficking.

The AHLA Foundation oversees and administers the NRFT Survivor Fund and will award its first grants next month.