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Hospitality’s leading operations management suite now fully integrated with Maestro PMS to provide a stable and seamless comprehensive data solution

As part of an end-to-end platform, ALICE Front of House joins solutions for Housekeeping and Maintenance to connect all hotel

ALICE marks the 36th acquisition for ASG and the fourth within the ASG Hospitality Technology vertical. ALICE joins Transcendent, acquired

The checklists are fully customizable; hoteliers can add, delete, or edit specific tasks, as well whole checklists.

There are many clear and useful guidelines that have been written about post COVID-19 hotel operations, and while there seems

ALICE has teamed up with seasoned hotel operators to create the most comprehensive checklists to keep staff organized and effective.

Enrique Calderon, Grupo Posadas’ COO discusses how operational data and guest satisfaction scores drive decision-making across more than 180 of

Walker Hotel Greenwich Village implemented ALICE in May 2017 and has seen great improvements in their day-to-day operations through the

By integrating ALICE and Chauffeur Express, concierges can now book guest transportation all in one interface and have confirmations and

The newly-opened EXchange Hotel Vancouver has chosen ALICE to optimize hotel operations and enhance the guest experience in Vancouver’s first