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Using AWS Clean Rooms, ATPCO will enable airlines to garner insights from shopping data utilizing privacy-enhanced collaboration and machine learning

ATPCO plans to create a new Amenity that will use IATA CO2 Connect data to help shoppers understand the carbon

The new milestone means airlines have saved more than 750,000 manual coding hours and $53 million in coding costs.

ATPCO also announces two new Board members Karen Slinger from British Airways and Mark Oxner of Air Canada.

ATPCO is committing to increasing its female talent across its senior management ranks by 2025 to promote more gender balance

The five-star airline will leverage ATPCO’s third-party distribution reach and one-stop content management hub to support its indirect and NDC

Airline’s merchandising content now live on third-party distribution channels enabling consumers to better visualize their flight experience.

As airline-owned entities, both companies are working toward building industry solutions. The companies work with the same airline partners and

ATPCO also announced open access to its NDC Exchange code, enabling the entire industry to benefit from greater airline offer

New agreements automate corporate contract fare filing and enable best-in-class merchandising of Southwest content for corporate travel managers and business