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Basque Culinary Center

Gastronomy Tourism can play a leading role in promoting responsible agricultural practices, protecting biodiversity and reducing the environmental footprint.

The Forum has been co-organized by UNWTO and the Basque Culinary Center since 2015 with the aim of promoting the exchange of

‘Gastronomy Tourism for People and Planet: Innovate, Empower and Preserve’ was the theme as national and international experts met in

In 2019, over 300 initiatives from 84 countries were submitted.

As tourists increasingly demand unique and authentic travel experiences, the global gastronomy market has been enjoying significant growth over recent

The five selected startups will present their pitches to investors, gastronomy tourism experts and sector stakeholders within the framework of

The event will see the announcement of the winner of the First Gastronomy Tourism Start-up Competition. The competition, organized by

The Competition will make it possible to identify the best solutions and projects that contribute the most to the sector

The event will also feature several workshops where participants will have the opportunity to interact closer with food and tourism