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In his new role, Ricardo will craft tailored tech propositions for hoteliers to maximise profitability with BEONx platforms.

Strategic alliance with regional leader webhotelier | primalres group aims to enhance profitability and efficiency for hotels in Greece and

In a world where environmental awareness is becoming a driving force, sustainability is a crucial element not only for social

Amidst concerns of unmet expectations, soaring costs, and regulatory hurdles, some industry analysts are already labeling the technology as "overhyped,"

Although the technology has advanced significantly in recent years, a real revolution in Artificial Intelligence occurred only last year. But in the tourism industry its

Insights from industry experts shed light on the evolving dynamics.

BEONx is the first RMS on the market to include a dedicated module for hotels highly dependent upon tour operators.

BEONx announces a robust sales strategy for hotels in European markets, focusing on Northern and Central Europe. Strategic alignment with

Amadeus’ Demand360 subscribers using the BEONx Revenue Management System (RMS) can now gain access to the in-depth, forward-looking market insights

Leveraging trivago's data processing of over 12 million daily accommodation searches, hotels gain valuable insights into market demand, covering a