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Newly opened luxury hotel provides instant access to personal streamed content while leveraging BeyondTV’s comprehensive service design to deploy additional

Soon to open full-service hotel leverages HIS technology to address guest preferences for access to streamed subscriptions while boosting in-room

Collaboration will offer regional LG customers access to user-friendly BeyondTV GuestCast solution designed specifically for hotel environments.

Quest Griffith and Quest Robina cater to guest desire for seamless and secure access to personalized content.

Luxury boutique hotel's implementation of guestroom entertainment platform provides guests with seamless and secure access to personalized content in addition

United States Patent Office (USPTO) recognizes Hotel Internet Services for security protocol developed for the BeyondTV Entertainment Streaming Solution.

Awarding-winning Tampa Bay resort implements advanced streaming solution to cater to today's standards in entertainment technology and data security, while

The industry's first fully integrated wireless streaming guestroom entertainment system, BeyondTV will now be equipped with the ability to wirelessly