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Hoteliers must understand how consumer behaviour is changing to protect their future in an uncertain travel landscape.

The pioneering travel tech company expands its Commercial and Software Engineering teams as it continues to pivot into TaaS with

Users can access discounts and perks on hotel rooms and more through uGO’s white-label solution, developed by the pioneering team

Bidroom has also been a long-time collaborator with climate tech company CHOOOSE, which enables guests to calculate and offset the

The newly launched app will see further updates in the coming months, including providing hoteliers with more detailed income information,

Bidroom now has more than 80 brands globally offering perks and discounts on travel services and 16,000 tours and activities

Speakers on the day will include Larissa Esser of Hera, Svetlana Udalov of HKeeper Global, Steve Davis of Operto Guest

The hospitality industry should build back better to create genuine sustainability. The tools, partnerships and platforms are available and mostly

Big data, unpredictable guest needs and digital-savvy staff at a distance are on the way.

With creative thinking and new partnerships, hoteliers can bring cash flow back to operations that may not go back to