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The leading luxury private rental brand focused on unmatched service and tailored vacation experiences to grow inventory worldwide.

Airbnb recently launched a Tax API that provides property managers with a number of tax handling tools to simplify the

Ultra-selective travel club THIRDHOME will expand its inventory of high-end, luxury homes to complement its home exchange business.

TravelStaytion selects professionally managed properties connected with BookingPal to continue the growth on their platform offering an enhanced experience to

Affordable airline provides OTA options for travelers in one-stop-shop.  

HomeToGo to integrate BookingPal’s Channel API as a conduit for property management companies to join its massive selection of vacation will add leverage BookingPal’s Channel API to enlist new property management companies to join their growing inventory.

With BookingPal Channel API access, Plum Guide can now receive all property rates and availability data in real-time across more

Given the current state of the travel industry, especially in the wake of Covid-19, the ability to tap into broader,

Agustin Fiori will be heading the operations of BookingPal, which recently introduced the ChannelConnector API solution in Europe.