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Over the past four years, the airline has climbed six places to secure the 33rd position within the brand value

New data from Brand Finance reveals US airline brands soar in brand value and brand strength on post-pandemic air travel

Delta is world’s most valuable airline brand, valued at US$8.9 billion. Ethiopian Airlines is fastest-growing category brand, up 79%. ANA

With a score of 84.6/100, London tops the inaugural Brand Finance City Index, based on a global survey of 15,000.

While many airline brands are growing again, they have not yet returned to pre-pandemic values.

Delta, American Airlines, and United Airlines have retained top three spots in Brand Finance Airlines 50 2021 ranking. Saudia is

Total value of world’s top 50 most valuable hotel brands has declined by 33% (US$22.8 billion) as sector negotiates fallout

Hotels sector heavily impacted by COVID-19 pandemic, brands could lose up to 20% of cumulative brand value, equating to US$14

Hilton remains world’s most valuable individual hotel brand with 17% growth. Marriott’s portfolio drops to second place as the value

Brand Finance measures airline brand strength by a number of factors, including brand recognition, marketing investment, customer loyalty, staff satisfaction